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Helsingborg Concert Hall
Helsingborg Concert Hall

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Taking the next step!

Helsingborg Concert Hall & Symphony Orchestra aspires to be a cultural institution that promotes development in the music industry, seeking new ways forward. During the 2020/21 season, HSO will cease to use air travel to bring in musicians and conductors.

One of many myths in the industry is that classical orchestral music is dependent on the use of air travel to be able to offer high quality concerts.

"We are convinced that there are a sufficient number of competent musicians and artists within the limits for rail, road and sea travel. We are now inviting in soloists, conductors and agencies who are willing to support our belief that even classical orchestra music can be included in sustainable development,” says Fredrik Österling, director of Helsingborg Concert Hall.

The concept will be put into practice in autumn 2020, at the start of the season, with the period until then seeing collaborations and partnerships being developed.

“There’s a creative opportunity here for orchestral Sweden. It will be exciting to see who catches on and who decides to stay put on the platform,” says Fredrik Österling.

For more information:
Fredrik Österling, concert hall director, 0046-705-69 17 65

About Helsingborg Concert Hall
Helsingborg Concert Hall’s acoustics are acclaimed and it has a broad programme that includes an artistic elite, a concert hall choir and Helsingborg’s own symphony orchestra, HSO, with its chief conductor Stefan Solyom.

Helsingborg Concert Hall is part of Helsingborg Arena & Scen, which is one of the larger cultural and event companies in the Nordic region.

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Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester och Konserthus

Helsingborgs Konserthus byggdes i funktionalismens anda 1932, ritad av Sven Markelius. Konserthuset är hemvist för Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester, HSO. Konserthuset har en lovordad akustik och ett brett program med både äldre och moderna klassiska verk. Det är också en populär konsertlokal, restaurang och konferensanläggning.

Helsingborgs Konserthus ingår i Helsingborg Arena & Scen som är ett av Nordens större kultur- och evenemangsbolag. I bolaget ingår också Helsingborgs stadsteater, Helsingborg Arena, Sofiero slott och slottsträdgård, utomhusscenen Grytan samt evenemangsenheten. Helsingborg Arena & Scen ägs av Helsingborgs stad och har cirka 200 medarbetare. VD för bolaget är Max Granström.

Helsingborgs Konserthus
Roskildegatan 1
25221 Helsingborg