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Big blue-black berries on barbed wire loved for the crimson sap they give.

Unnapproachable, hard to get and difficult to win. Coming close to and feel the sweetness of sloeberries is associated with patience, perseverance and pain. Watch out for the thorns that will let you bleed for your love of it’s crimson sap. Big blue-black berries on barbed wire to be picked with wariness for the final reward: Hernö Sloe Gin.

Sloe berries are a hedgerow fruit in the plum family that has been living in the dark, sheltered by savage thorns and avoided for its acid taste. Bringing her into the light and revel the subtle savor of wilderness and sweetness requires patience. You will have to wait for the first frost to pinch the fruit and only when it’s shriveled up it’s getting sweet and tasteful. You will also have to know the right dresscode for harvesting: Thick clothes and gloves. Or you will get hurt.

Taming the wild with a sweet touch.

Sloes are native to Europe and western Asia, also to be found in New Zealand and North America. It grows best in moist, well drained soil and thrives in full sunlight.

– We are cultivating sloes in Dala since the summer of 2018 in a slope next to the distillery where it has plenty of space to reproduce. We’re welcoming lots of bees and butterflies to this valuable source of nectar and pollen as well as birds looking for a safe place to nest during summer. Hopefully we can use the sloeberries in our production in the future, tells Jon Hillgren, Founder and Master Distiller at Hernö Gin.

The fruit has an astringent taste similar to blackcurrant, but more acid, in fact they need sugar to taste good and turns to delicacies when used in jam and syrup.

– We choose to tame the acid with gin and a touch of sugar to uplift the taste experience to the same superior level as all of our products, says Jon.

Organic sloeberries unfold their very best color and taste soaked in Hernö Gin.

Organic sloeberries from southern Europe picked after the first frost and dried before soaked in Hernö Gin for four monthsis the secret behind Hernö Sloe Gin. A smooth, sweet sloe gin with balanced tartness is the result.

– The characteristic color that unfolds in the spirit is absolutely amazing. This is my crimson red dream come true, says Jon.

Classic servings bringing flavors to life.

Hernö Sloe Gin is perfect to drink neat as a sipping gin. Wintertime it is a warming delicacy served slightly heated in a small cup out at the campfire or at home in the lights of the Christmas tree.

– I should say that a Hernö Sloe Gin Sour is a perfect serve if you want to create a classic cocktail with a touch of wilderness. Or you can impress your guests with a really cool Champagne cocktail before dinner making a French 75 with Hernö Sloe Gin, suggests Jon.

Tasting notes:

Nose:Soft, floral blackthorn with a gentle sweetness of vanilla. A touch of nuttiness and mellow woody notes.
Palate:A jammy sweetness up front before the flavour gradually gets dryer and tarter. Notes of meadowsweet with a floral creaminess.
Finish:Hints of dried flowers and hay along with a creamy nuttiness and dry berries. Gentle, but lingering, with a little tartness.



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