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Best Tools for Business

Keep your information safe from the get-go

Running a business can be stressful, and perhaps searching for the best platform is the last thing you have time to think about. Don’t worry - we’ve already done the research for you. In this post we list the best tools for your business, with both functionality and privacy in mind.

The functionality you should be looking for

When choosing a tool for your business, you need to consider what kind of functionality you’re looking for. If you store documents on your computer, or if you share files with your colleagues - you should look for platforms that make those things easier. There are a few platforms that work for this purpose - Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive to name a few. However, if you choose to use these platforms, you should be aware that they have shared rights to your data. A tool we recommend is WeTransfer. WeTransfer lets you send files around the world. You can create a free account, or an upgraded account for €12.00/month, with features like storage of up to 100GB, and designing your own emails. The beauty of WeTransfer is that they don’t sell your data. The files you share are therefore safely stored.

Another tool you will constantly use when working within an organization is a communication tool. You check on your employees, ask your colleagues questions, and keep in contact with that freelance employee overseas. There are several platforms you can use for this purpose, and we’ll continue to keep privacy-themed. Signal is a platform for end-to-end encrypted messages and calls, and it’s free for everyone. A similar platform is Threema, that lets you share messages while generating as little data as possible. Wickr is a messaging app for businesses to communicate seamlessly through. You can choose between four different subscriptions, from a free account to a platinum account with additional features, for 250 dollars a month.

Another functionality every business uses on a daily basis, is a research tool. For this we definitely recommend DuckDuckGo or Qwant, search engines that allow you to search the web without being tracked. If you want a browser to help you keep completely private, you can download Brave or Privacy Badger. They block advertisements and trackers that follow you around.

Why you should care about your business’s privacy

Why is there so much focus on privacy-centered tools? Well, it is vital to consider what kind of privacy system your new potential tool has. As a business, you have to be wary of the fact that most free platforms have the right to take your data to sell and commercialize it. Your business’s confidential information is therefore at stake. One way of making sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands is to start using tools that actually let you have complete control of your data.

We mentioned platforms such as Google Docs and Dropbox, but there are others, like Facebook Workplace and Slack, that you should take a second look at if you’re using them for your business. These are not “safe” platforms on which to store sensitive information. They have shared rights to your data, meaning that they are allowed to do with it as they please. Some platforms sell your data to Google, who then use that information to target you with ads from third parties. It can even go as far as third parties trying to affect how you think and feel about certain issues. Becoming privacy-conscious is important for your business’s integrity, which is why we’ve only listed tools that keep the privacy and confidentiality of your information intact.

Looking for an integrated tool with privacy built in?

Having your business spread out on multiple platforms can be confusing and time-consuming. If you’re looking for a platform that has a combination of tools - communication, storage, file sharing, note taking, and a social feed - take a look at Idka. End-to-end encrypted chat means only you and the recipient can read the message, making it easy and safe to communicate with your colleagues and employees. You also get access to your own secure cloud storage where you can upload, store and share anything from pictures, to video, to important documents. You also get your own personal feed, where you can share posts and photos with your contacts. Another unique functionality is Idka’s notes system. Post notes to yourself or in groups, a perfect way of structuring your thoughts during a hectic day at work. You can easily sign your business up on Idka by visiting the website.

To sum up

Was this too complicated, or do you just not have the time to read through it all? No worries. Take a look at our list of recommended tools below.

The best tool for…

Good luck to you and your business, and don’t forget to stay safe!


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