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Mai-Li Hammargren wants to inspire Swedish companies to increase the pace of innovation.
Mai-Li Hammargren wants to inspire Swedish companies to increase the pace of innovation.

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​IHM Business School recruits young talent in the role of intrapreneur

IHM Business School is investing heavily in education that develops future leaders in sustainable business. Now, the business school has recruited Mai-Li Hammargren from the startup scene in Silicon Valley. Her new role can best be described as an intrapreneur whose tasks include creating a more innovative culture and inspiring Swedish companies to use intrapreneurs to increase the pace of innovation.

"I want to give hope and inspiration to people to grow by giving back to the society that made my ambitions possible”, says Mai-Li Hammargren, newly appointed intrapreneur at IHM Business School. ”In Sweden, I received both education and support in a way that is not available in many other places in the world. I am extremely grateful for that and hope to get more people to realize the possibilities of continuing education.”

Globalization, digitalisation and ever faster technological development, combined with constantly available information and knowledge, mean that the business sector is in constant transformation. It is something that results in completely new and higher demands on the future workforce to learn for life and throughout life to reach their full potential. All this together puts new demands on the educational actors.

"I was very happy when Mai-Li accepted to come to us. For me it feels exciting and challenging that despite experience and age we have much in common - a consensus on people and a strong belief in Swedish companies. We want to create better conditions for innovation-driven development from within companies - an important and exciting development for Swedish industry that we know will make a difference,” says Henrik Friman, CEO of IHM Business School.

Mai-Li herself has a double-degree under her belt:

”Education means so much to a person's development and opportunities”, says Mai-Li Hammargren. ”My vision, with the support at IHM, is that everyone even those who do not have the time to traditional education should be able to grow as individuals and in their professional role.

Mai-Li Hammargren moves from Silicon Valley back to Sweden and is active in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. She has made a comet career in the tech industry, which includes being a pioneer in wearables with the company Mutewatch. Most recently, she launched the startup company Lookback, founded by early Spotify developers in the United States, and drove it to profitability.

For more information contact

Mai-Li Hammargren, Intrapreneur, m.hammargren@ihm.se, tel. +46 730-744 115 or

Peter Malmqvist CMO, peter.malmqvist@ihm.se, tel. +46 722-10 62 45.



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