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WebTrends sponsoring Internet Marketing Conference for fifth consecutive year

Photo: Michael Berggren

The Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) is being held in Stockholm for the fifth year in a row. (This year's conference will take place May 26-28.) It's also the fifth time WebTrends has sponsored the conference.

Tobias Svensson, who works for WebTrends as Director of Sales for the Nordic region, explains why WebTrends has chosen to come back time and again.

Why is WebTrends sponsoring IMC for the fifth consecutive year?

IMC is a professional event that gives end users, partners, consultants and suppliers good value for their money. Plus our offering fits well with the message IMC conveys. Over the years, we have found new partners and clients at the conference.

What is the biggest thing that has happened to WebTrends in the past five years?

Five years is a long time in a market like ours. A lot has happened, but one of the most important events has been the launch of WebTrends Marketing Warehouse, WebTrends Visitor Intelligence, and WebTrends Score.

More and more, our customers are requesting integration with other systems (CRMs, data warehouses, etc.), and when it comes to this, the above-mentioned platforms are in a class of their own.

In recent years we have focused on an open, integrated platform, which has helped us land such large clients as Microsoft and Vodafone, but also strategic partnerships with, for example, TeraData and IBM.

What's your view on the future of WebTrends?

I think the future, both globally and locally here in the Nordics, looks very bright. We haven't been affected by the financial crisis so much, but that's quite natural since most companies are continuing with, or even increasing, their online investments.

Due to a flow of new clients and large projects, we'll be recruiting new staff in the Nordic region during 2009.

Nathalie Van Helle, Marketing Manager for WebTrends UK, adds that "IMC is a targeted event for us and enables us to raise our profile in the market. It's a great platform to share ideas and experiences with other vendors and end users."



WebTrends ( enables web-smart organizations to optimize their digital marketing programs-from visitor acquisition to customer retention. WebTrends' technologies and dedicated support staff help companies:

  • Measure and optimize online activities, from static and multimedia content to blogging.
  • Uncover the preferences over time of individual customers to improve segmentation and targeting.
  • Build profitable, long-lasting relationships with customers-online and offline.
  • Profitably acquire new customers through search marketing automation.

Companies such as Ticketmaster,, Reuters, General Mills, and US Bank rely on solutions from WebTrends.

Internet Marketing Conference, or IMC, ( organizes conferences that help companies and individuals improve the efficiency of their online marketing efforts. These conferences are held in Europe and North America. IMC speakers and workshops help companies:

  • Focus on return on investment.
  • Make all money invested in marketing produce more than just a visit.
  • Recession-proof their business as much as possible.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in online marketing.

Companies that have previously participated in IMC include IKEA, Victoria's Secret, Nokia, Kodak, Reader's Digest, Washington Mutual, T-Mobile, Google, GE Healthcare, H&M, SEB, Scandinavian Airlines, Fortum, and CBS.




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