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Infobric is growing even more through its acquisition of BuildSafe ad EquipmentLoop.
Infobric is growing even more through its acquisition of BuildSafe ad EquipmentLoop.

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Infobric acquires Contech companies BuildSafe and EquipmentLoop

Infobric, one of the leading SaaS companies in the Nordic countries, providing digital services for sustainable and resource-efficient construction sites, has acquired several companies this past year. Now, the group is growing even more through its acquisition of BuildSafe ad EquipmentLoop, taking the next step towards accelerating digitalisation in the construction industry.

Infobric develops lots of digital solutions, including systems for access and attendance control at construction sites, and has been on a growth journey in recent years both organically and through acquisitions. The company has recently acquired TelliQ, Tempus and Blastmanager. Now, the group is growing further and acquiring two Swedish companies, BuildSafe, which develops digital services for building projects to report, remedy and analyse risks and disruptions in production, and EquipmentLoop, which provides a digital platform to help developers keep track of machines and tools in the workplace.

“In Infobric, we have found an obvious partner for BuildSafe. Both through their vision for safe and effective projects, and with our complementary range of digital solutions. Together, we can improve safety by supporting and ensuring quality in the cooperation between companies and individuals working on construction sites,” says Viktor Broberg, founder and CEO of BuildSafe.

“From the very beginning, EquipmentLoop has worked to improve sustainability and resource-efficiency on construction projects. Since this is also a key value for Infobric and its owners, we feel that Infobric is a perfect partner for continuing to develop and push our business forwards, and for helping our customers accelerating their digitalisation journey,” says Simon Fogbring, founder and CEO of EquipmentLoop.

Together, the companies will offer smart digital solutions to increase safety and efficiency in the construction industry. By acquiring BuildSafe and EquipmentLoop, Infobric is expanding its range of services further. The group ambition is to accelerate digitalisation by contributing to industry-wide standards and driving rapid development for a sustainable construction industry.

“BuildSafe and EquipmentLoop will strenghten the range of services we offer for contributing to increased social sustainability and resource efficiency on construction sites and, in the long run, to a sustainable community building. We have already begun the process of identifying synergy effects to create value for our customers, and in the long-term we will develop smart eco-systems by connecting the companies’ different services. The aim is to maximise the benefit of our tools by contributing to transparent, data-driven construction operations, and making everyday life easier for our customers,” says Dan Friberg, CEO and President of Infobric Group.

The founders of BuildSafe and EquipmentLoop will remain in the management team of their companies and will join Infobric Group as part owners.

For more information, contact:
Dan Friberg, CEO, Infobric AB
Tel: +46 (0) 707 88 75 44

Viktor Broberg, CEO, BuildSafe
Tel: +46 (0) 732 40 34 51

Simon Fogbring, CEO, EquipmentLoop
Tel: +46 (0) 706 21 88 40




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Leo Sydow

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