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Omega and Infobric enter joint investment to support work towards a sustainable construction industry

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Omega and Infobric enter joint investment to support work towards a sustainable construction industry

Infobric and Omega PS have entered a joint investment to provide IT solutions that support a sustainable and organized construction industry. The co-owned company, HMSREG AS, will provide systems and services that improve efficiency for trustworthy construction companies, contribute to the fight against work-related crime, and contribute to fair market competition.

HMSREG AS aims to provide IT solutions that support the UN's sustainability goals of a lasting, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full employment, and decent work for all. HMSREG ensures that all individuals on a construction site have an established employment agreement with an approved supplier on the project. Together, Infobric and Omega will contribute to improving conditions for a secure, transparent, and financially sustainable industry within the companies’ existing markets in Scandinavia, as well as in new European markets. HMSREG makes the goal of a more trustworthy construction sector easier for its clients through an active cooperation with clients, authorities, industry organizations, and other organizations.

“Helping our clients to create a sustainable construction industry has been an important part of Infobric's mission from the start. By combining Omega's experience in creating a standard for better control in the industry in Norway with Infobric's knowledge in developing smart digital tools in close collaboration with the construction industry in Sweden, we will build a strong platform to contribute to the sustainability in the industry. Together we can create even better solutions”, says Dan Friberg, CEO of Infobric.

HMSREG was developed in 2016 through a collaboration between Omega and the Oslo Municipality. The purpose of the collaboration was to create a system that would help companies in the sector to work together to follow up laws, rules, and contract requirements. HMSREG has quickly experienced widespread adoption amongst public-sector builders and larger construction companies in Norway. The solution has also been used by clients in Sweden and in Denmark. Infobric has been the most important supplier of information to HMSREG. This collaboration has formed the basis for the establishment of HMSREG AS. Infobric's activity regarding control functions on construction sites will continue unchanged and HMSREG will still be open to cooperate with other access-control systems.

Since 2016, Omega has developed from having its primary focus on the oil and gas industry, to also becoming a significant contributor within construction. Omega's project solutions are now utilized by several of the major state developers, and on important infrastructure projects in Norway. In moving HMSREG activity to a separate organization, Omega aims to provide opportunities for further growth through more formal collaborations with other companies.

“For us, the establishment of HMSREG means a strengthened commitment to this work”, says General Manager of Omega PS, Svein Tore Haraldseid.

“Our journey with HMSREG has been fantastic so far; we now believe that new synergies and better solutions can be created by allowing HMSREG to stand on its own two feet via this joint initiative with Infobric.”

For more information:

Arne Jon Myskja, VD HMSREG AS
Tel: +47 982 14 722

Dan Friberg, VD Infobric AB
Tel: +46 (0)707 88 75 44

Svein Tore Haraldseid Omega PS AS
Tel +47 982 86898

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