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Anonymous attack on video game company

Press statement 1/11 2012

Anonymous attacked the music video game developer InstrumentChamp at GAMEX in Stockholm the night to thursday. The exhibition stand was  all bloody after the attack and the company had to cancel all activities for the day at GAMEX- Scandinavias biggest video game exhibition. Meausures are being taken to limit the damages. Nobody was hurt under the attack.

The swedish video game company Music InstrumentChamp want to make more people play music instead of war games with their new social music game InstrumentChamp. You can learn how to play drums, guitar and piano with the help of InstrumentChamp. Practice and Compete mode make it a lot of fun for both beginners and experienced musicians. 


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InstrumentChamp was founded by the brothers Magnus and Lars Willner in 2011. The small team of seven got a base in Gothenburg, with team members in Norway, Israel, India and US. The vision is to make the world play music together instead of making war!


Lars Willner

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