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Interactive 3D visualization of the animals' inside- new collaboration creates unique educational material within animal anatomy

Sweden's largest animal hospital “BlåStjärnan Animal Hospital” in Gothenburg, and the Swedish visualization company Interspectral, launches new unique educational material within animal anatomy. Using advanced interactive 3D visualization, both animal owners and specialists will be able to exploreand learn more aboutour most common pets.

With the help of computer tomography (CT) it is possible to capture three-dimensional images of how animals look on the inside. This technique has historically been used primarily for diagnostics in clinical work at veterinary clinics and hospitals. Through a new collaboration between Sweden's largest animal hospital Blå Stjärnan and the visualization company Interspectral, this material will also be made available for education on all levels.

“As a foundation-owned animal hospital, we have the opportunity to invest in technology and education for diagnostics and treatment methods. Through the collaboration agreement with Interspectral and their Inside Explorer software, we get access to completely new dimensions in the diagnostics and we will be able to understand different disease processes better in different types of animals” says Björn Åblad, veterinarian and clinical director of the Medicine Clinic at the Blå Stjärnan Animal Hospital.“Itwill also be a valuable tool in the dialogue with animal owners regarding future treatment options for our patients.”

Using Inside ExplorerInterspectral's visualization software, it will be possible for animal owners, students and specialists to virtually explore our most common pets in 3D. Layer by layer, skin, muscles, organs and skeletons can be exposed and the user can explore and learn more about the anatomy of the animal and common injuries.

"The collaboration will be the starting point for us now, as we can offer Inside Explorer for education on high-level as well for education within natural sciences on more general levels. To be able to showcase one of the dearest ones we have in the form of our pets, and thus learn more about them, is extra close to our hearts,"saysLouise Lennersten, CEO of Interspectral.

The material will be made available to science centers, schools, and other environments where increased knowledge about small animals can be a part of teaching or other training. At the Universeum in Gothenburg, one of Sweden's foremost public science centers, a large interactive visualization table will be launched during spring and allows visitors to explore the animals.

“Inside Explorer is a great tool for understanding and learning for our guests, in an entertaining way, with scientific visualization. The concept itself is so educational and intuitive that you are tempted to explore it on your own. At Universeum, our guests will be able to explore both animals and humans and we hope that together Interspectral will be able to develop more fun and interesting concepts for Inside Explorer.” Håkan Sigurdsson, Scientific Leader, Universeum

During the Nordics’ largest dog fair MyDog (3-6 January 2019), Blå Stjärnan, along with Interspectral, will be in place to showcase various clinical cases of dogs and cats with the purpose of showing to the owners how different dogs look inside and why some common injuries can arise. Please visit us at stand B05:20.

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CMO, Blå Stjärnan
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