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IsaDora presents their new brand identity ”True Beauty”

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IsaDora presents their new brand identity ”True Beauty”

IsaDora, Sweden's largest beauty brand, proudly unveils its new brand identity. With a focus on honesty, IsaDora takes a significant step forward to meet the evolving needs of today's conscious consumers.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for transparent and responsible beauty products. IsaDora has always been synonymous with high-quality, affordable products, and the new brand identity reinforces the commitment to honesty in the beauty industry.

A key factor in IsaDora's new brand identity is the commitment to transparency in everything they do. This means that IsaDora wants to empower everyone to set their own beauty standards by offering affordable, high-quality, and easy-to-use products without compromise. All makeup is suitable for sensitive skin and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. Additionally, IsaDora's products are fragrance-free, with the goal of being entirely vegan-friendly by 2024.

"We are proud to introduce our new identity, characterized by honesty and transparency. IsaDora has always offered high-quality, fragrance-free makeup that is safe and easy to use. Building on this foundation, we want to strengthen our values and brand purpose by sharing our Swedish heritage and DNA. We have distilled our values into three words: Honest, Empowering, and No Compromise. These three values will be our guiding principles in everything we do and everything you see and experience," says Felicia Ibsen, Global Marketing Director.

This transformation also includes a new, modern product design and more sustainable refill-packaging that embodies IsaDora's new brand identity. The clean design reflects the brand's values and its commitment to offering beauty products that suit everyone.

IsaDora's new brand identity represents a remarkable transformation of an already well-known brand. What were the main reasons for initiating a rebranding of IsaDora?

"As you mentioned, IsaDora is a well-known and beloved brand, especially in Sweden, but we needed an identity that matches what we stand for and can meet both the customer and our ambitious vision. In the past, we have not communicated as extensively as we wished with our consumers based on their needs and values. In a changing industry, it is essential to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations, always with the customer in mind," says Felicia Ibsen.

With the launch of its new brand identity, IsaDora takes a significant step forward through honesty and transparency in the beauty industry. IsaDora remains committed to offering quality products that are vegan-friendly, fragrance-free, and good for the skin, and they look forward to continuing to inspire their customers to embrace their unique beauty.

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Hanna Sjöström

Hanna Sjöström

Presskontakt PR & Communication Manager Sverige

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Om IsaDora

IsaDora är Sveriges främsta make up-varumärke och sedan 1983 har erbjudit högkvalitativ makeup till många. Vi vill ge alla möjlighet att sätta egen skönhetsstandard genom att erbjuda säkra, prisvärda, och lättanvända premiumprodukter, utan kompromisser. Med IsaDora behöver du inte kompromissa med att vara dig själv. Det är vad ärlig skönhet betyder för oss.

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212 39 Malmö
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