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Jernhusen is selling its flagship environmentally friendly property, Kungsbrohuset, to Folksam

Jernhusen is selling its  flagship environmentally friendly property, Kungsbrohuset, to Folksam

Today it was announced that Folksam is to buy the environmentally friendly Kungsbrohuset from Jernhusen. Kungsbrohuset is one of Stockholm's most attractive commercial properties. It is a modern, flexible office development with a very high green profile in an unrivalled location adjacent to the city's most important communication point – the Central Station.

A large number of potential investors, both national and international, have shown an interest in acquiring Kungsbrohuset. The sales price amounts to approximately SEK 2.1 Billion..

- We are very pleased that the price level fully reflects the property’s  state of the art  environmental profile and its central location. Profits will be reinvested in the transportation sector through the development of railway stations, maintenance depots and intermodal terminals, says Kerstin Gillsbro, President of Jernhusen.

Kungsbrohuset is now completely developed and fully let. It is part of Jernhusen’s strategy to develop its  land alongside the Swedish railway system and then sell the finished developments. The sale of Kungsbrohuset creates resources to continue developing the company’s railway areas and carry out other projects that contribute to a more efficient transport system, making it easier and more attractive so more people will use public transport.

- For Jernhusen it was important to find a long-term owner for Kungsbrohuset who also appreciates our ambition to deck over and develop the rail track area at Stockholm’s Central Station. Our ambition is to create a brand new station that can meet future travellers’ needs and also a new mixed urban development for ’round the clock’ living, said Kerstin Gillsbro.

Facts about Kungsbrohuset:

The 13 storey Kungsbrohuset contains a leasable area of 26 400 square meters  and also offers a rooftop terrace with panoramic views across Stockholm. The building is fully let with  Schibsted Media Group, as the largest tenant.

Kungsbrohuset, completed in 2010 and taking full advantage of state-of-the-art technical solutions, is probably one of Sweden’s most modern and flexible buildings. Thanks to innovative technology, the new building can be managed with high flexibility in terms of environmental characteristics, comfort and energy use. It is exceptionally energy-efficient, meets three environmental certification standards, and has been internationally recognised as one of the world’s most eco-smart buildings.

Read more at www.kungsbrohuset.se.

For further information:
Kerstin Gillsbro, President Jernhusen, 070-62126 29
Cecilia Granath, Press Officer Jernhusen, 08-410 626 21



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