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Top 3 Mobile Operative Systems for Ethnic Visitors – Symbian Still Rules

Surfing the web on your smartphone is getting more and more common and so is the case for the visitors on the various ethnic publisher sites inside the Joinville multicultural publisher network. We recently ran test studies on visitor stats on 3 of our larger publishers to find out how much of the traffic comes from the different mobile OS for ethnic visitors*. When developing apps or mobile marketing solutions to target multicultural audiences we need this background data in order to adapt it to the platform best suited for that specific audience.

We compared traffic data from 3 similar publishers; global traffic, community and news-oriented and with data collected during the last 6 months. We’ve chosen sites covering Arabic, East African and Persian audiences.

For the Arabic and East African audiences the data look fairly similar with Symbian and Androidbeing number 1 or 2 for both audiences. However, when we look at Persian audiences we see that Blackberry is on the top spot and iPad coming 3rd!! Of course, these are visits which needs to be taken into the equation as frequent visitors could use iPad, boosting the stats for the Persian publisher. Blackbery comes in 3rd for both the Arabic and East African publisher (which is mostly US and UK visits). iOS is (apart from iPad on the Persian publisher data) not that strong yet.

Here’s the Top 3 list based on this study:
1. SymbianOS
2. Android tied with Blackberry

Full study can be found here: Mobile OS For Ethnic Audiences


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