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Walk on your own positive words.

We all need to take a step back regarding what happens in the world. To find a way to move forward, to embrace each other and life. We all have a responsibility towards each other but also for ourselves and the world we live in. Reflection of the past the present and the future that lies ahead of us. Go on positive words, see them when you wake up, be surrounded by positive energy.

“I feel contact. I am standing firm. nobody can tip me over. i have my place. Every bit of me is in touch with mother earth.” //Björn Dahlström

Björn Dahlström designed Positive Rug 2005 and it says something about the world of today and brings positive energy to carry within us. Over the years, Björn has worked with many internationally renowned clients, his operating range spans from industrial design to furniture, exhibition design and graphics. He was appointed professor at the University College of Art Crafts and Design in Stockholm and has been awarded numerous appreciations and prizes. Further, his work is represented in museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Björn was also awarded Honorary Doctor at the Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Gothenburg.

Björn Dahlström designed in total two rugs for Kasthall. They communicate a statement that you control your own thoughs – whether its positive or negative, it's your choice.

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