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Project Procurement vs. Category Management: What’s right for your Procurement Strategy?

Procurement adds value to an organization in multiple dimensions, and contrary to the common belief about the function of its ability to add value, create savings and turn profits can be rather dynamic.

As to how procurement will add value in an organization lies within defining a scope for the role of a procurement strategy: Long-Term or Short-Term? Strategic or Reactive? Savings-focused or Profit-focused?

Building a procurement team that has the ability to be agile in a mission, whilst remaining unified in a vision, is extremely important. In order to do so, your team needs to distinguish how their individual day-to-day operations are contributing to the overall vision of creating added value in the supply chain. Unify your team by clarifying their roles and leverage individual competencies for the good of the organization.

It’s time to locate wins by knowing which process works best, and when it works best!

Project Procurement vs Category Management: What’s right for your Procurement Strategy?


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