The Gender Inequity: Concerning Supply Chains Globally

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The Gender Inequity: Concerning Supply Chains Globally

Supply Chain Management positions have been and continue to be dominated by males. There is speculation around the cause and effects of this gender divide being seen in corporations worldwide.

Some supply chain experts have suggested that the divide is a byproduct of character judgement and personal attribute association when it comes to selecting supply chain managers at the senior-level. 

As written in an article by Trevor Miles, 

"Kevin Shriver of Land O’Lakes said on a panel, if more than 50% of the population is women and less than 20% of the people in senior supply chain positions are women, then by default we cannot be hiring the most talented people." 

This kind of inequity causes meaning for potential concern in such an, otherwise, transformational field. 

Supply Chain Management has undergone substantial transformation in other regards. Focuses are being reallocated to sustainability instead of solely profitability, consumer transparency has become a growing standard for global functioning supply chains and the acceptance of digital applications in aid has, too, taken place. 

Why is the supply of women, in supply chain management roles, lacking more demand?

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