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Internet Flowers – by John Artur

John Artur

The idea for Internet Flowers came from the desire to combine classic beauty with a modern phenomena.

Beauty with timeless florals.

The modern twist? Slime.

According to John, the idea to bring slime into this project came from his childrens' fascination with the squishy, oozy material.

Bring together the two very different items, and play. From there, let the art unfold through experimentation.

Art Through Experimentation

What we particularly love in this series is you do get the feeling of play in the work. Not frivolous nonsense though - rather, a certain direction evolving from curiosity.

John's work starts with an idea and the end result comes from experimenting. This approach works wonders for him in the series which reflects a wild diversity of textures, colours and feeling.

Sharing The Process

John let the art motivate the process of experimenting. An additional challenge in creating this project was sharing the process every step of the way. He documented each step in its' entirety, and according to John, that forced him to be accountable to himself and, of course, the end results.

The prints from Internet Flowers come in only 50 copies each, all numbered with Certificate of Authenticity. Exclusively at Kolla.



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