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Launched today and already at 60% funded, you want to jump on the campaign ASAP if you want to be part of the next big thing in the arts and interior design world: Stockholm-based art e-commerce store, Kolla (

Starting Monday, you have the chance to join their unique journey through the equity crowdfunding platform FundedByMe. Investments can be made by people world-wide (excluding the US) and the Kolla campaign runs through the summer or until it has reached its max funding goal.

Kolla offers curated photography art prints of highest quality at reasonable prices. They are headquartered in Stockholm, and currently offer their Swedish-made products in most European markets.

Their founders, Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts have previously started Nordica Photography, one of the world’s top photography studios, and Way Up North, Europe’s largest photography conference, and with their large network of artists, Kolla is a natural next step in their journey.

Visit their fundraising campaign today and join them on this journey to change the way people see the world!


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Kolla offers curated photographic prints of highest quality at affordable rates. They are headquartered in Stockholm and offer art prints all over Europe.


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