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An eventful year for Kramp Groep B.V.

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An eventful year for Kramp Groep B.V.

Varsseveld-based Kramp Groep B.V. has had an eventful year, which can be seen in the 2018 annual report published today. Kramp saw its revenue rise by 4% to 822 million euro and reported a net profit of 37.3 million euro.

"2018 was a challenging year for Kramp. We took strategic steps with the acquisitions of Raico in Italy and Recinsa in Spain, two of the five most important agricultural countries in Europe. In addition, we are very proud of the further expansion of our partnerships with John Deere, AGCO and SDF. Apart from these great developments, however, in 2018 we also came up against the effects of the cold weather in March and the dry and hot summer, combined with challenges in the field of our supply chain and internal processes. This affected the delivery to our customers and led to higher costs. Although turnover fell short of expectations, it has nevertheless increased by 4% compared to last year. Despite the fact that figures are lower than expected, I would like to stress that we still achieved a good result", explains CEO Eddie Perdok.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

The central theme of this annual report is "Growth by Partnerships and Acquisitions". Eddie Perdok continues: "We are strong believers in the idea that collaboration delivers better results. By capitalising on each other's competences, we also complement each other, and together we can achieve a stronger position. Besides, by working together and constantly investing, we continue to lead the way and are less susceptible to disruption in the market. As a result, Kramp remains an essential partner for parts and accessories in the agricultural market."


In 2018, total investment amounted to 25.9 million euro, of which 11.5 million euro in IT and ebusiness. In addition, Kramp invested 5.5 million euro in the completion and start-up of new shuttle systems in the Dutch and German warehouses. Finally, Kramp invested in the purchase of land in Italy for the construction of a new distribution centre in 2019. This distribution centre, which will come into operation in 2020, will allow Kramp to further improve its customer service.

Looking ahead

The digital transformation set in motion by Kramp in 2017 will continue, creating opportunities to raise even more our cooperation with and service to our customers and suppliers. “The outlook for 2019 is positive. Our internal processes are under control and we will reap the benefits of the investments in logistics, e-business, acquisitions and partnerships that we have made over the last years, in order to offer our dealers and farmers the best possible service in the market", Eddie Perdok concludes.



2018 2017
Revenue 822 790 +4.1%
Operating result (EBITDA)
75.5 88.6 -14.8%
Net profit 37.3 49.7 -24.9%
Working capital 264 241 +9.5%
Solvency 28% 23% +5%
Shareholders' equity 161 127 +26.8%

The complete annual report can be found at https://www.kramp.com/en/annual-report

About Kramp Groep B.V.

Kramp Groep B.V. is the largest parts and accessories specialist in Europe for the agricultural industry. With more than 500,000 products available online, 11 distribution centres and 22 sales offices across Europe, Kramp is an essential partner for customers and suppliers. Kramp Groep B.V. was founded in 1951 and has its headquarters in Varsseveld (the Netherlands). Kramp. It's that easy. Visit us at: www.kramp.com

About the shareholders

Kramp Groep B.V. is owned by the management and venture capital company NPM Capital, which has been a shareholder since 2010. For more information, see: www.npm-capital.com.

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Rebecca Hylkén Olsson

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