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Marcia Kure
Marcia Kure

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Marcia Kure will join The Royal Institute of Art as Guest Professor in Februari

The Royal Institute of Art, Mejan, is proud to announce that Marcia Kure will join the Institute as Guest Professor in February. The course, Pushing Boundaries: New Forms of Sculptures, will explore sculpture through its component parts. By examining individual aspects, fragments or materials, the students within the course, will explore what defines sculpture and try to expand the boundaries of what sculpture can be.

Sara Arrhenius, Vice-Chancellor at the Royal Institute of Art, sees the recruitment as a vital part of the school's efforts to continue to be at the forefront of a changing art world:

”Mejan will regularly invite leading artists from around the world to give the students more perspectives and the opportunity to meet new art practices. I am very proud that Marcia Kure will join us as Guest Professor.”

In her practice, Marcia Kure seeks out the grey zones in order to collapse barriers, merge boundaries and art forms, to poke holes cut into and fragment the perceptual matrix that is our world. Through this approach, sheis daring the viewer to imagine existential possibilities beyond the familiar and the ordinary.

Marcia Kure: ”In a world where we are asked to constantly perform identity, I am trying to create a liminal space, somewhere between boundaries, through my work. The word 'utopia' comes from the Greek ou-topos meaning 'no place' or 'nowhere', which is also close to eu-topos which means a good place. My work mines this no-place, the imaginary worlds of fantasy and make-believe.”

Trained at the University of Nigeria, Marcia Kure is an alumna of Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. In addition to one-person exhibitions in Nigeria, Germany, the Netherlands, England and the USA, her work was shown at La Triennial, Paris (2013), International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Seville (2006), and Sharjah International Biennale (2005). During May 5th to November 3rd, 2019, Kure will take part in the exhibition Not a Single Story at Wanås Konst. 




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