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KRG to launch campaign to promote equality and end violence against women

The campaign is part of the Kurdistan Regional Government;'s (KRG) policy to achieve gender equality and build a harmonious, modern society in which the rights of all individuals are respected.

The campaign is supported and overseen by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in coordination with the Kurdistan National Assembly (parliament), government ministries, civil society organisations and media outlets, with the aim of taking further steps to prevent violence against women in the Kurdistan Region.

In launching the campaign, the KRG has called upon intellectuals, writers, public figures, human rights activists, women's rights leaders, legal experts, religious clerics, university professors and civil society organisations to participate in the campaign and to contribute to this cause.

The KRG sees the week-long campaign as an opportunity to increase awareness among the public of the cultural and legal aspects of this issue in order to ensure a bright future for the women of the Region and for society as a whole.

At the end of the campaign there will be a ceremony to honour those individuals and organisations most active in advocating the rights of women and advancing this policy.


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