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Lagerhaus Expands its Design Team

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Lagerhaus Expands its Design Team

Lagerhaus strengthens and reorganizes its design team in order to increase focus on unique design. Therese Stråhle has been named to a Design Manager position and will along with two coworkers develop Lagerhaus unique product range.

Therese has worked as a Designer at Lagerhaus since 2005 and is the creator behind many of the company's collections. Today, about half of Lagerhaus assortment is designed at the headquarters in Gothenburg and the company releases an average of four collections a year. The custom design is becoming more important and provides a strong competitive advantage in the market. It is also the unique design that has brought the attention to the interior design company outside of Sweden.

Since the start in 1996, the company has worked with products designed uniquely for Lagerhaus. During the first years project employees and freelancers formed the collections, but the range of unique products grew steadily and in 2005 Therese Stråhle was hired as the first full-time Designer. As the demand of Lagerhaus designed products grew the organization expanded with another Designer in 2007 and in 2014 Lagerhaus has a design team with three creators.

Therese Stråhle is looking forward to her new role:
- As Design Manager my primary task will be to carry out essential design issues in order to meet new markets and develop new product lines. And by expanding the team we have better opportunities to create unique products and thus strengthen Lagerhaus position as a design company, in Sweden and abroad.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Sjöberg, Purchasing Manager Lagerhaus AB
Telefon: +46 31 711 84 55
E-mail: anna.sjoberg@lagerhaus.se

Therese Stråhle, Design Manager Lagerhaus AB
Telefon: +46 31 777 77 37
E-mail: therese.strahle@lagerhaus.se


Lagerhaus är en inredningskedja som erbjuder sina kunder praktiska och prisvärda prylar med unik design som enkelt förnyar hemmet. Den första butiken öppnades i Göteborg 1996 och idag finns det 34 butiker och en växande e-handel i Sverige samt sju butiker i Japan. Huvudkontoret ligger i Göteborg och företaget ingår sedan 2004 i Axstores-koncernen.


Maria Lofjärd

Maria Lofjärd

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