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Challenges in vaccine access: The vaccine market today


Child getting vaccinated in Elliniko, Greece. Photo: Pierre-Yves Bernard / Médecins Sans Frontières
MSF Sweden office, Fredsborgsgatan 24, 117 43 Stockholm

Seminar description:

Millions of lives are saved every year thanks to vaccines. Nevertheless, access to vaccines is still limited in large parts of the world. Challenges to vaccine access include suitability of vaccine products to local contexts, affordability of vaccines and strength of health systems.

Due to lack of competition in the pharmaceutical market, new vaccines such as pneumococcal conjugate vaccines that protect against pneumonia and rotavirus vaccines against childhood diarrhea are expensive. The high prices prevent many governments from making these vaccines generally available to their country’s children.

The lack of research and development into vaccines that are better suited for use in low- and middle income countries is another challenge, which is a consequence of the lack of economic incentives for the pharmaceutical industry.

This breakfast seminar will explore some of these challenges to improving immunisation and aims to stimulate a discussion on addressing these barriers so that all children can benefit from vaccination.


  • Kate Elder, Vaccines Policy Advisor, MSF Access Campaign
  • Ann Lindstrand, Paediatrician and Head of the Vaccination program unit, the Swedish Public Health Agency
  • Dag Larsson, Policy Expert, LIF - The research-based pharmaceutical industry

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