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Levi's® Höst Vinter 2010 Kollektion


Red Tab Men & Women, Collection Overview

Quality Never Goes Out of Style and the Levi’s® brand delivers a collection for FW10 that does not disappoint.

This season the original denim brand, delivers a collection inspired by the archetypes that celebrate the spirit of the American lifestyle, full of attitude, hope and freedom... A taste of youth that is heady, intense and crammed full of spontaneity.

The Palette for FW10 is confident and modern, playing with shades of blue from the deepest almost black depths of the ocean to the lighter hues of a fast fading sky, worn in, well loved yet still fresh, this palette compliments one of the key trends for the season – Top to toe denim worn with attitude. Key pieces include the iconic and eternally relevant Levi’s® 501® jeans, the classic denim (trucker) jackets as well as denim and chambray shirts. In non-denim the palette plays with neutral tones that compliment a chino-centric style and as the season moves on the line delivers a pop of colour drawn from those of the American Flag. Crisp reds, whites and blues come in to play on T’s, shirts and sweats whilst denim looks moody and dark with blackened blues adding direction to the edgy, rebellious feeling of the collection.


The collection for men & women

The season kicks of with a sharp almost studious look for men and women, top to toe denim plays a key role in defining the season’s sharpest silhouette with Trucker Jackets, Denim & Chambray Shirts and love-worn in jeans such as the 501® for women and men coming into their own. T-shirts look directional and smart with clean stripes or typographic inspired prints. Chinos for men and women remain on-trend and directional worn with crisp, clean preppy shirting in checks and stripes.

The collection then moves on to offer more athletic collegiate inspired pieces, look for shawl collars on knitwear and classic baseball style jackets, the theme also informs T prints for men whilst for women’s tops there is a mix of mascot style animal heads and pretty florals. For women there is also delivery of the hotly anticipated women’s jeans fit portfolio which will deliver fits like never before.

The final key mood for the season keeps working the denim top to toe feeling hard but delivers it with a rock n roll edge that is undeniably Levi’s® in spirit! Trucker & biker jackets, plaid shirts, rock n’ roll inspired graphic T’s deliver rock star style for men and women. The rebellious mood is reflected in the darker palette focussing on blacks, with denim laundry offering black jeans, overdyes and confident directional finishes.


Shopping Key Products:


Levi’s® denim: from top-to-toe: The freshest way to wear denim this season is top-to-toe; an iconic Levi’s® denim jacket in a variety of finishes and fits, worn with a classic pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans or the one pocket Levi’s® 201® jeans. Add a western checked shirt, blouse or tunic top to the mix to create that head-to-toe look. If you want to make a statement, choose one of Levi’s® cool graphic style t-shirts; from retro inspired Americana prints to rebellious rock ‘n’ roll themes or bold slogans. Play it simple with a white tee, denim pencil skirt and Levi’s® Trucker style jacket for her; a monochrome solid or stripe tee and a pair of skinny black jeans for him.

Levi’s® 201® Jeans: Celebrate more than a century of an unsung classic. Originally launched in the 1800s as an affordable alternative (for miners) to the ‘premium’ Levi’s® 501® jeans, the Levi’s® 201® jeans have been carefully recrafted with today’s wearer in mind, ideal for the denim workwear trend that is gaining momentum, the Levi’s® 201 look is one for all denim aficionados. The original one pocket jean, simple, functional and wholly durable, its industrial workwear heritage remains as strong as it ever was. It’s characteristic features include the ‘donut’ suspender buttons, cinch-back and the linen Levi’s® 201® cloth patch.

Levi’s® Chinos: Levi’s® are taking their cue from its denim trend pieces this season, employing new washes, fits and detailing to present a retro All-American ‘preppy’ style look for its chino pant category for him and her (… she looks good in his chinos too!) A great alternative to denim, Levi’s® chinos are an essential staple wardrobe item.


Timeless Levi’s® Pieces 

Levi’s® 501® Jean: The ultimate straight leg jeans, Levi's® 501® jeans are tailored in what experts call an ‘anti-fit’ pattern. In essence, the rise is cut in a straight line, which makes the jeans wrap around the butt, effortlessly even if, paradoxically, not in a perfect way. Levi's® 501® jeans are shrink-to-fit. This means that they are cut into a pattern and sewn before they are washed to obtain the desired end result. The more you wear them, the better they suit you! Available in 16 new finishes this season, including a new lighter weight denim and the special edition re-issue of the Levi’s® 501® jeans from 1966.

Levi’s® western style check shirts:. As iconic as the Levi’s® 501®, its western check style shirting has been a solid part of the business for more than 100 years, now it has been developed across seasonal trend pieces, including inspirational ‘western’ themed diaphanous tunic tops and blouses for her, and bold exaggerated check patterns in neutral tints and All-American colour hues for him.

Levi’s® Trucker Jacket: Created in the 1880s, and established as the must-have denim jacket by the teenage heartthrobs of the 1950s, including Marlon Brando and James Dean, and the biggest fashion boom in tops to hit a generation is back! If you owned one you were part of the pack, the cool crowd, and if you didn’t, you were out! The style might have changed ever-so slightly refreshed for today’s consumers, but the  ideology certainly hasn’t. A real must-have item for the season, the Levi’s® Trucker Jacket is more than a seasonal trend, but something which will only get better with age. That feeling of what is well worn is still well loved, is a key message from the brand this season. 



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