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Levi’s® 201® Jeans

Levi’s ® Product With Roots, featuring the 201 jeans…

This Fall, as the top to toe denim & workwear trend that first became apparent on the bustling streets of Harajuku continues to gain pace and popularity all over Europe, Levi’s® is timely in it’s latest delivery for men. A refreshed and contemporised reworking of one of the orginal workwear offerings from the company -  the 201 jeans. Originally this simple silhouette was part of the Levi’s® line over 100 years ago, offered to miners as an affordable alternative to the premium 501® jeans.

The jeans were produced with a single pocket, donut buttons, a linen patch and used a lower grade denim (than the XX quality used for the 501® jeans) which made them more paletable to a miner’s wallet in the 1800s.

As the recent increase in demand for authentic workwear styles has grown it was clear that this unsung hero was ready for a comeback, with it’s clean lines and directional single pocket, the Levi’s® 201 silhouette has never been more relevant.

Today of course, we use the finest quality denim for our 201s and the complete top to toe look is sharp with a single pocket trucker and simple single pocket T accompanying the jeans. So it’s refreshed and updated but without a doubt the authentic spirit from the inventor of the blue jean is unmistakable. Wear yours with attitude.

About the Levi’s® Brand

Worn by Doers Since 1873…

Levi’s® Jeans are the original, authentic jeans, invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss & Co. 

The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Levi’s® jeans were invented by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1873 and have since become one of the most recognized and imitated clothing items in the world – capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Today, the Levi’s® brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry.  Our range of leading jeanswear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style.  For more information about the Levi’s® brand, its products and stores, please visit


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