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Introduction – Overview, Experiences and Reflections

"In management, we felt that we had reached the end of the road with ever more top-down reduction programs, and that it was time to try something new…"
The quote describes what makes more and more executives decide to adopt lean thinking as a strategy to develop their operation. This book is designed for all who want to get an insight into the basic cornerstones of Lean Thinking and Tools. These are presented together with a number of reflections from leaders and staff on the impact of starting to implement lean in their operations.

Lean Thinking and Tools is basically common sense and the ability to challenge what happens. Is what we are doing really creating value for those we are supposed to serve, i.e. customers, staff, owners and society? A value creating organization has other demands on the operation than what is usually the case today.

"Why didn’t we as leaders see these things earlier? Why haven’t we stimulated discussion with those who really know how the operation works? Through this process we are less blind to defects on our own backyard; we are beginning to see how it actually works and are getting ideas about how to improve the processes. Most leaders would want that kind of culture!"

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Paula Braun has more than 15 years’ experience as a self-employed consultant and is one of the founders of Lean Concepts AB (2002). With a background as a social scientist her issues have been about organization development and coaching of managers. Paula is one of the pioneers of Lean in the service sector, administration and management.

Robert Kessiakoff has been running his own consultancy since 1994 and brings more than 20 years’ of experience as CEO, European Business Director and board member in various Swedish and American companies listed on the stock-exchange, 15 years of which he was based abroad. He is CEO of Lean Concepts AB, which he founded with Paula Braun, and is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute/Lean Global Network Faculty.

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