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World Festival for Interiors, Inside 2021 shortlists Kunskapshuset (House of Knowledge)

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World Festival for Interiors, Inside 2021 shortlists Kunskapshuset (House of Knowledge)

The World Festival for Interiors, Inside 2021 has shortlisted Kunskapshuset, designed by Liljewall in cooperation with MAF Arkitektkontor, for its interior in the category Education. The centrally located school host the municipality’s upper secondary school and adult learning centres of Gällivare, a small Swedish settlement situated just above the Arctic circle. The six storey-high school has received a lot of attention for its cohesive design concept, using the Sami culture, the Arctic nature, and the substantial mining industry as inspiration. This year’s World Festival for Interiors will be held in Lisbon, Portugal between 1-3 December, alongside the World Architecture Festival, where Kunskapshuset has been shortlisted in the category School – Completed Buildings too.

Great emphasis has been set on creating a flexible and attractive educational environment equipped for future needs of change and development. The three basic materials, wood, metal, and concrete, are sturdy, enduring, and sustainable materials with a calm and restrained colour scale, creating a balanced contrast to the house's red facade, glass sections and brass details.

We are very proud that we have succeeded in developing a strong concept of design, and that it is rewarded as one of the Inside finalists, says Jonas Hermansson, Interior Designer at Liljewall.

The school was the first building to be built as part of the extensive social transformation Gällivare is facing when two cities are about to become one. Neighbouring Malmberget is moved in order to share city centre with Gällivare, due to mining activities. Through the brass-covered entrance, students, staff, and visitors are welcomed into a spacious hall with a crackling fireplace and a staircase made of black steel that winds up through the building. The site-specific kitchen interior, such as tables, benches, and chairs, all contribute to a graphically sharp and inspiring interior, completely unique in its kind. The red herringbone patterned ceilings and the red pillars help to strengthen the building's character even further.

Much of the fixed features and parts of the loose furnishings have been designed and manufactured especially for Kunskapshuset. For example, the choice of rice lamps in the dining room and café are a result of creating contrasts between the thin and the sheer opposed to the coarse, heavy and solid building. Contrasts create tension and clarity. Clarity and care create peace.

Based on the traditional Sami pattern that formed the school's design, a sturdy glulam bench with integrated tables also was designed, which through its flexible modular system can be connected to a multitude of seats. Combined, they can be associated to fallen pine trees or logs landing on top of each other. The benches can be rotated and changed according to the conditions of the room.

World Festival of Interiors takes place alongside the World Architecture Festival and is the globes largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to design and architecture. Kunskapshuset is shortlisted not just for its interior, but in the category School – Completed Buildings too.

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