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Red Bull Romaniacs Program 2011

July 16th. - Prolouge. In the herat os Sibiu the teams will race threw manmade obsticles.

July 17th. - Offroad day 1. Traditionally Day 1  is known as a “tough warm up day”, but anyone who has raced Red Bull Romaniacs  before will know that there is no easy day at the Romaniacs. Maximum riding time: 9:30 hrs.

July 18th. - Offroad day 2. The track is on of the most scenic and remote enduro rallye tracks to be found anywhere in mainland Europe.  A rallye ride over the mountain tops and down into the valleys with climbing and downhill challenges in the forests to keep the mind alert. Maximum riding time: 9:30 hrs.

July 19th. - Offroad day 3. Day 3 is the toughest day of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 2011

The course travels from Sibiu to the overnight Bivioac at "Arsenal Park" near Orastie. Maximum riding time: 9:30 hrs.

July 20th. - Offroad day 4. The race is back to the finish in Piata Mica within the medival centre of Sibiu (Hermannstadt). Right from the start PRO riders will climb a steep forest hill, which will then go down to a river for a cool down.
All day will be full of fantastic riding and sections as the "Pope track" , "slime stone"  and "Long walk Junior" keeping competitors busy. Maximum riding time: 9:00 hrs.


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