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25 February - 23 May 2021

Anders Petersen is by far one of Sweden's most respected photographer, both nationally and internationally. His pictures are included in collections at well-known museums around the world, including; Museum of Modern Art in New York, Bibliothèque National de France in Paris and Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

"For me, photography is a way of life, by approaching people, getting behind the surface, and thereby I also learn more about myself. For me, photography is more about togetherness and humanity than about aesthetics."

"For me, the camera is an alibi for traveling and asking questions."

"I take photographs to learn things."

The first photo book that Anders published was Café Lehmitz. A book filled with documentary pictures.

When he started photographing at Café Lehmitz in Hamburg in 1967, he was interested in moods and environments. Today he is more interested in the people.

One of the pictures from that book, perhaps his most famous, became the cover of Tom Waits LP "Rain Dogs".

"Photography is not about reality, but what it feels like. Things about other people and thus about myself."

Anders Petersen's artistic work is timeless, where he connects yesterday with today.

His imagery has helped to legitimize a unique personal and intimate approach to documentary photography that can be expressed through the use of an emotional depth, strengthened by deep blackness and the feeling of a solid darkroom work.

At Lydmar Hotel, Anders Petersen has compiled a personal selection of his photographs that spans through several decades. Curator Robert Eliasson.

"It is completely crazy to have the privilege of doing an exhibition with Anders Petersen at Lydmar - he is one of the great giants in photography and also an absolutely wonderful and humble person!" - Maria Maruska, CEO of Lydmar Hotel.

Exhibition hanging at Lydmar from the 25th of March until 23rd of May

A warm welcome to the photo exhibition by Anders Petersen at Lydmar Hotel in collaboration with Robert Eliasson! Due to Covid-19 regulations there will be no opening event. We strongly recommend you to come by Lydmar and view the photographs at anytime from the 25th of March until the 23rd of May. We are open and as always - entrance is admission free and the exhibition is open and available for everyone!

Lydmar Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 11148, Stockholm





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