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Mark Red becomes the first Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant in Sweden

Press release: January 12, 2010

Mark Red has become the first Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) in Sweden and the second company to qualify in the Nordic region. Lars Johansson and Christoffer Luthman —two senior consultants with backgrounds in web analytics, web development, marketing, and sales—went through the authorization process that required multiple approved case studies and an interview with several Google staff members. One of the case studies provided by Mark Red showed a test ROI of 1900%, and another doubled the revenue for the client.

Changes to websites can be scientifically evaluated using A/B or multivariate tests in Google Website Optimizer. The goal of tests is usually to increase revenue, decrease costs, or increase visitor satisfaction. It is possible to find out which combination of headings, body copy, and images that generates the most conversions.

“Many businesses make changes to a website based on their own personal opinions, such as using a design or color that appeals to them. That is completely irrelevant! The only things that matter are whether visitors are pleased and can reach their goals, whether they be finding information about a service or ordering a product.  The correct approach to finding out what works for a large group of visitors, as opposed to for a single individual, is to test different solutions during comparable circumstances,” say Lars Johansson and Christoffer Luthman, web analysts for Mark Red.

Mark Red is Dropit’s business area for web analytics and testing. Together they have the resources needed to help all organizations base their work on facts—everything from test implementation and analysis to design, copy and usability. Companies can outsource the entire online-optimization process to Mark Red.

“We have assisted many businesses with continuously improving their websites. Analysis is needed to identify problems, experience is needed to create new solutions, and proper testing is needed to find a winner. Google Website Optimizer is an excellent tool to use,” says Lars Johansson, web analyst for Mark Red.

“We have previously developed a number of innovative products that use data from Google Analytics: Excellent Analytics (a free plug-in for Microsoft Excel), Analyze This! (an iPhone app), dashboards, and web surveys linked to visitor behavior. They have been downloaded thousands of times all over the world, and it’s great that we have received official recognition from Google for our skills in using Google Website Optimizer,” says Christoffer Luthman, web analyst for Mark Red.

For more information, contact:

Lars Johansson, Mark Red
+46 70 244 89 99

Christoffer Luthman, Mark Red 
+46 70 880 10 03


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