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Louise Xin - the first designer to receive the Fabric of Life Award

During this year's edition of the international textile conference Next Textile, organized by Tex! By Marketplace, the newly established Fabric of Life Award was presented for the first time. The Chinese-Swedish designer Louise Xin was awarded the prestigious prize based on her positive impact on the textile industry.

“If fashion is inspired by fantasy – This is it! What makes the winner is the “WOW”. But it's what you can't see that caught the jury's attention. Louise Xin combines velvet with values. Her dresses are not for sale, just for rent, made from upcycled waste, re-used to get a higher value. When sustainability and businesses with a purpose hit the red carpets, don’t be surprised to spot Louise Xin’s dresses.” That was a part of the motivation by the jury when Louise Xin became the first-ever recipient of the Fabric of Life Award during this year's edition of the international Next Textile conference in Borås. The organizers, Tex! By Marketplace Borås, chose a highly relevant subject as this year's theme; the future of textile suppliers from a sustainability perspective. More specifically, how the textile industry is likely to change by 2030 and what those in the industry can do to contribute to it. The prize consisted partially of a larger prize sum, which well-known entrepreneur Paul Frankenius donated as a way of celebrating Borås' textile heritage. As well as custom-made sculptures by Eva Hild and a diploma, all handed out by an international jury with the aim of recognizing an individual who has had a positive impact on the industry in terms of design, innovation, and the environment.

Sustainability and human rights
Last year, the self-taught couture designer and artist Louise Xin founded Louise Xin Couture in Stockholm. In November 2020, Louise launched the brand as the first rental-only, non-sales Couture brand in Scandinavia - and the world. Focusing on working with as many upcycled fabrics as possible, her goal has been to create wearable art for every woman in a sustainable way. Louise has been passionate about human rights since she started working within the field and believes that you can't discuss sustainability if garments are made under poor working conditions. This was something that the designer chose to highlight in her display at the event, where all the models carried placards with messages linked to human rights. In an interview with Vogue Scandinavia Louise expressed her thoughts and views on the award.
– This award is so much bigger than me. It’s not about me but rather about the people the fashion show is dedicated to. This award meant their voice got heard. The fashion industry is listening and we are going to do everything we can to create a better world for everyone. A world where the fashion and the textile industry can continue to flourish but no longer at the cost of our environment and human lives.


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