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intimus® Degaussers 8000 and 9000 now NSM certified

MARTIN YALE Group announces that their degaussers intimus® 8000 and 9000 have been awarded the NSM (Norwegian National Security Authority) certification. 

Both degaussers have been approved for the erasure of classified information on magnetic storage medium up to and including “HEMMELIG” (restricted) information.

About NSM

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway. Administration follows the Act of 20 March 1998 relating to Protective Security Services.

The purpose of protective security is to counter threats to the independence and security of the realm and other vital national security interests, primarily espionage, sabotage or acts of terrorism. Protective security measures shall not be more intrusive than strictly necessary, and shall serve to promote a robust and safe society.

Full details of the NSM scheme can be found at:

About intimus® Degaussers

High capacity, energy efficiency and continuous service: “workhorses” of information assurance.

Secure data sanitization is top of mind for every IT executive and compliance officer, and one of the key challenges to information security comes from magnetic data storage media.

With a wide variety of information stored on HDDs and magnetic tape, many organizations are vulnerable to data breaches and data theft if their data storage devices were to fall into the wrong hands. Degaussing is one of the best ways to securely sanitize data on magnetic storage devices – and the intimus® Degaussers offer several significant breakthroughs in the degaussing field.

“Martin Yale is excited to introduce a line of Degausser,” said Johan Östman, Branch Manager of MARTIN YALE Nordic. “Organizations that require high security data sanitization for high volumes of magnetic storage media can rely on the intimus® 8000 and 9000 for their exceptional field strength, verifiable erasure process, and energy efficient operations.”


Key features of the intimus® Degaussers include:

  • Powerful field strength: intimus® Degaussers are named for the strength of the magnetic field they produce, which is measured in Gauss. intimus® 8000 generates a magnetic field of 8000 Gauss, intimus® 9000 a field of 9000 Gauss.
    With this high strength magnetic field, the intimus® 9000 is able to successfully sanitize any magnetic media up to a marking of IL3 (Restricted), even the newest high density HDDs that older degaussers might fail to erase.
  • Verifiable erasure process: Some degaussers make it difficult to verify that the data has been successfully erased. This is not a concern with the intimus® 9000 – it includes PCS (Pulse Confirmation System) - a 4-step verification process with a field strength meter and audible tones to prevent
    error and ensure a secure degaussing process.
  •  Energy efficiency, low magnetic field emissions: With their fast-acting Advanced Pulse TechnologyTM (APT), the intimus® Degaussers only consume 1 KW of power at 230V/50Hz and therefore use 90% less energy than many comparable models on the market. As part of their energy efficient design, the degaussers also create very low magnetic influence to the surrounding area – contributing to a safer working environment.


While intimus® 9000 is a degausser to delete data on a larger number of HDDs within a short period of time, model intimus® 8000 is designed for the occasional use. It’s compact design makes it a convenient deskside companion.

“Both Degaussers are real ‘workhorses’,” says Johan Östman. “They are strong, reliable, and efficient – no matter how many HDDs and magnetic storage devices you need to sanitize, no matter how secure your data needs to be, the intimus® Degaussers are a safe choice.”


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Martin Yale is the maker of high performance information assurance solutions, including paper shredders, degaussers, and disintegrators. Martin Yale’s intimus® brand is known worldwide for its practical, reliable, efficient and well-engineered information assurance machines, applications and consulting.


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