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With over 21 000 copies sold in Swedish alone, Maths Unwrapped in now finally released world-wide!
With over 21 000 copies sold in Swedish alone, Maths Unwrapped in now finally released world-wide!

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English memory maths book: World-wide release! (and Podcast appearance!)

Official Grandmaster of Memory Mattias Ribbing, together with Per Sundin PhD have crafted a new and easy way to quickly understanding mathematics, all by building up a fun inner world of fun images!

The book Maths Unwrapped (Fatta matte) has sold over 21 000 copies in Sweden alone and is now finally released world-wide in English!

Step-by-step you are guided through all the most important parts from basic arithmetics up to approximately 12th grade level maths. Learning in an all new and fun way you will quickly fill possible gaps in your maths knowledge and gain life-long understanding and confidence. Perfect for everyone who could not get the full picture from how we are taught in school. And perfect for parents who want a better way to help their children learn maths.

Among other things you'll get a new super quick way to learn the multiplication table, and you'll go from being a beginner to be able to correct(!) Einsteins famous formula E = mc²

Here is the actual "table of contents":

(Download a hi-res version here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sm0CvOfEs_5YOANhnbN8ZiPnUFPxER00/view?usp=sharing)

The book can be bought world-wide through Amazon here:


In Sweden, the English book can be bought directly from Bokus:


Maths Unwrapped is published by legendary British company John Murray Press, the publisher of classic works of Charles Darwin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among others.


To learn more about the book and to quickly boost your learning skills in general: Have a listen at this brand new interview with Mattias Ribbing on the podcast AdapNation:



Mattias Ribbing is a brain training expert, a three times Swedish Memory Champion and internationally awarded with the official title Grandmaster of Memory. He is the author of four books, with over 100 000 copies sold. He regularly appears as an expert in the press and media.

As a public speaker he has been invited by Harvard Business School and presented on large conferences in Los Angles and Moscow. Companies who hired him include Google, PwC, Ericsson, Novartis and The Swedish National Agency for Education

2 minute video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsPc_GJsMNM


Mattias Ribbing

Mattias Ribbing

Presskontakt författare, föreläsare och minnesmästare 070-440 16 79

Hjärnträningsexperten som lyfter dina vardagsprestationer till oanade höjder!

Mattias Ribbing är hjärnträningsexpert, trefaldig svensk mästare i minne och internationellt utsedd till Grandmaster of Memory. Han är författare till fyra böcker om hjärnan och lärande som alla är utgivna av Bonnier med över 80 000 sålda exemplar och han förekommer regelbundet som expert i media.

Som föreläsare har Mattias anlitats av Harvard Business School och genomfört föreläsningar i New York, Los Angeles och Chicago. Han föreläser regelbundet runt om i Sverige med kunder som innefattar Skolverket, Ericsson, Tele2, PwC, Jordbruksdepartementet, Säpo, Trafikverket, Proffice, Räddningstjänsten, Novartis etc.

Mattias har haft större samarbeten med SvD (video-kurser), Ledarna – Sveriges chefsorganisation (utbildningsserie) och Lärarnas Riksförbund (föreläsningar).

Mattias Ribbing
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