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The launch of Mellifiq

September 9, 2020 

Mellifiq takes the plunge into the global purification market 

Today Mellifiq is introduced as an international environmental services company group, absorbing well established brands such as Ozonetech, Nodora and Watermaid under one umbrella. Cutting edge technologies for water treatment, industrial air solutions and energy recovery merge to form a platform for purification solutions worldwide. “I’m proud to announce that I, and my executive management team, are now part of something even more unique: Mellifiq. Decades of unprecedented development of advanced oxidation technologies, filtration and membrane solutions are now merging into an even stronger company, based on several solid and well-recognized brands, backed by the best people in the business. We are exhilarated to see what the future holds for us!” says Behrooz Gilanpour, CEO of Mellifiq, 


During our entire history, we have paid great attention to, and analyzed, what makes our people unique and the strengths of our brands. Our ever-ongoing quest for Redefining Purity® - raising the bar for the concept of clean - has finally paid off in a thoughtfully formed package. Mellifiq is formed to serve the huge untapped market where air and water treatment is crucial. Our extensive expertise has made us the Center of Excellence for the world’s most complex projects, and a global player with installations on all six continents. Mellifiq’s offering spans over not only deliveries of strong brands, but also hard-to-find expertise, project management, technical services, complete turn-key solutions and general contracting. Nevertheless, we want to emphasize the great importance of what we do and who we are at the core, will never change. We will keep providing the best purification systems, engineered products, solutions and services to our clients. You can keep expecting the same level of dedication, professionalism and expertise, but now from an even stronger organization with a much larger global presence. 

Executive team 

Our vision is to grow Mellifiq into an even stronger and competitive group with an expanded business mind-set and a focus on contracting, systems integration, services and consulting. As a part of this new focus, Mellifiq has assigned the following individuals to its executive management team: 

• Behrooz Gilanpour, Chief Executive Officer 
• Behrang Gilanpour, Chief Technology Officer
• Hans Emami, Director of Marketing and Communication
• John Lindam, Director of Sales and Business Development
• Anders Jacobson, Strategic Planning, Member of the board
• Bo Thomaeus, Business Law and Legal Advisor, Member of the board

More information and background can be found at

For questions and additional information, please contact 

Hans Emami, Director of Marketing and Communication, h.emami (@)

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About Mellifiq

Mellifiq is a multi-awarded environmental service company group, that has since the early nineties evolved into a world leading system and solution provider with multiple groundbreaking applications for industrial, municipal, and real estate clients. We supply cutting-edge technologies to manage the most sophisticated air, water, and energy challenges.

Mellifiq offers a complete range of air and water treatment technologies and solutions across multiple industries such as processing industry, energy sector, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and commercial real estate.

Mellifiq offers strong and renowned brands, such as Ozonetech, Nodora and Watermaid, and world-class engineering services combined an excellent track record of more than 40 years of innovation. We help our clients achieve the most efficient and sustainable solutions while creating the maximum value for their businesses.

With several business units across Europe, Mellifiq is headquartered in Stockholm where research and development, production, Q&A and certification all take place. Our unique technology and our extensive expertise have made us the Center of Excellence for the world’s most complex projects, and a global player with installations on all six continents.

Everyday millions of people rely on our solutions for ventilation, disinfection, sanitation, and odor control. We are committed to raising the bar for the concept of clean and the industry standard for engineering, technical services and general contracting.