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Middagsfrid rekryterar landschef till Danmarksverksamheten

Som ett steg att öka fokus på Middagsfrids danska verksamhet så söker Middagsfrid en dansk landschef. Syfte är att hitta en lokal företagsledare med lika delar hjärta och hjärna, från Köpenhamn kan bygga upp en liknande verksamhet som i Sverige, där Middagsfrid på mindre än tre års tid har blivit störst i Sverige inom hemleverans av mat.

Middagafrid AB is recruiting:

A CSR-oriented and business minded Country Manager for Denmark

About Middagsfrid:

Middagsfrid AB is a family owned business with operations in Sweden (in 60 municipalities), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo) and Germany (Hamburg). Middasgfrid’s business idea is to help families with their everyday puzzle by providing the home delivery of a complete package solution containing recipes and all the groceries needed to prepare five (or three) dinners for four people. Middagsfrid strives to promote healthy eating habits and to help families cook nutritious and delicious meals from scratch using real raw ingredients.  At the same time, Middagsfrid aims to influence the food industry so that it too lifts the standard of the food which is produced and sold on supermarket shelves.  Middagsfrid is a pioneer of the food industry and was the first to introduce this entirely new concept comprising a complete dinner solution which does not compromise when it comes to food quality.  In less than three years has Middagsfrid not only become Sweden’s largest actor in the branch of home delivery of complete dinner solutions to families,  but has also done so at a profit and without bringing in external capital.

About the position:

The Country Manager (CM) is to be responsible for Middagsfrid’s operations in Denmark. In Denmark, Middagsfrid operates under the name “Middagsfred” and is currently delivering groceries in the greater Copenhagen area. Initially the role encompasses sales, marketing, PR and ensuring a good customer experience, in order to expand the customer base. In the long term, the CM also is to build up a local organization and take over the responsibility for further aspects of Middagsfred’s operations, such as logistics, IT, the entire customer support and possibly the menu planning process (including test kitchen operations). The long-term goal is to build a autonomous subsidiary managed in coherence with the mother company.

The Danish operations are to adhere to the business and ethical guidelines of the Middagsfrid group. The guidelines cover areas such as menu planning (e.g. our food has a low carbon foot print, almost no food additives etc), business culture and striving to influence the food industry in a consumer friendly way.  In the short run, Middagsfrid’s ethical corner stone’s may be seen as limiting and costly, but in the long run we are confident that they are instrumental to our success, in building our premium brand and to our mission of accomplishing change in the direction of consumer interest within the food industry.

Your skills and experience:

As CM you are highly entrepreneurial and comfortable with the task of starting out with a new/small business and using the means created by the sales in Denmark to incrementally nurture and expand the business.

To be successful in this role you are skilled in viral marketing, sales and PR and are genuinely passionate about the customer experience. You are comfortable in creating a business plan that then is to be used for the management and monitoring the business’progress. You enjoy working with both strategic and operational issues and are familiar with identifying and negotiating business co-operations that will take the business that extra step further. You are pragmatic and do not hesitate do assist at all levels pf operations when necessary. Experience from subscription business and a genuine interest in food are meritable.


For further information/queries or sending your CV and cover letter, please contact Victor Theander


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Middagsfrid erbjuder hemleveranser av färdigplanerade matkassar med tillhörande recept. Kunderna ges därmed tid att laga god mat av högsta kvalitet och får samtidigt ett gott samvete. Med ett stort engagemang arbetar Middagsfrid för en medvetenhet om klimatsmart mat och donerar dessutom regelbundet matkassar till behövande familjer. För oss är det äkta matglädje. Familjeföretaget Middagsfrid grundades 2007 och har kontor i Stockholm. Idag levererar vi i många av Sveriges största orter.


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