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Mionix unveils a new ergonomic gaming mouse with LED-optical sensor

Vaxjo, Sweden – May 27th, 2010 - Mionix™, the Swedish manufacturer of professional high-end gaming accessories today unveiled the Mionix™ Naos 3200, an ergonomically designed LED-optical gaming mouse with unique features and many customization options.

"With Mionix™ Naos 3200 we wanted to create a high performance mouse with outstanding ergonomics at an affordable price. The Mionix™ Naos 3200 constitutes an important part of our product-range and is our first gaming mouse with an LED-optical sensor technology which is very popular among fps-players”, says Carl Conradsson, Mionix.

The shape of the Mionix™ Naos 3200 is based on the same unique ergonomic concept and build-quality as Mionix™ Naos 5000. Equipped with only carefully selected high-end components and paired up with reliable LED-optical sensor technology, the Mionix™ Naos 3200 offers great accuracy and long term durability. The integrated LEDs supports extensive color options and can be configured from the software among other functions such as adjustable polling rate, dpi sensitivity, macros and many more.

Plug n Play
Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration
3200 dpi LED-optical sensor
Reliable and accurate LED-optical sensor technology
Built-in memory
Bring your settings and recorded macros with you
Customizable LED light system
Personalize your mouse with your favourite color
3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment
Set 3 dpi values and switch easily between them in-game
7 programmable buttons
The buttons can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro
Adjustable polling rate
Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software

Mionix™ Naos 3200 will be available in July 2010
Suggested retail price: 54,99 €

Mionix™ Naos 3200 presskit:
» Download here

Our goal from the very start is to develop quality products with an original design. It is also very important to us that we develop innovative products with unique features that users all over the world can identify themselves with. We love our work and Mionix will always stay true to gaming. Our products is not only the result of hard work, it is also our shared vision and a deep passion for what we do.

Mionix AB
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351 96 Vaxjo

Phone: +46 470 79 46 14
Fax: +46 470 72 33 11

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