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New Mitsubishi Electric LCD display wall revealed at ISE 2010

Mitsubishi Electric will launch a new LCD-based display wall system at ISE 2010 - the latest addition to its Seventy Series range of control room display systems. The new L46XM ultra-slim bezel LCD display uses the same input boards as the Seventy Series DLP cubes and utilises the same image sensing and control system to ensure multi-screen displays stay perfectly balanced automatically. Like the cube products, L46XM also features built-in processing enabling multi-input LCD display walls to be created without an external processor.

The L46XM is designed for the control room market and can be used to create a very compact, standalone display wall system. Mitsubishi’s Color Space Control accurately harmonises the colour and brightness of each display automatically and Digital Gradation Circuits raise the brightness level at the edges of each display so that the brightness level is constant across the whole display wall. Each display shares data from its built-in brightness sensor with its neighbours, enabling the Dynamic Brightness Balancing feature to maintain a consistent display performance over long periods of time.

With a total mullion width of 7.3mm and depth of just 150mm, the L46XM is very useful for multi-screen applications where floor space is limited. For example, in small CCTV security or surveillance rooms, broadcast suites or incident rooms. The L46XM is also very suitable for industrial process and power generation monitoring facilities.

L46XM features a high-quality 46” diagonal WXGA (1366 x 768 pixel) display, delivering 700 cd/m² brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. It has a viewing angle of 178º so the image can be clearly seen across a wide angle. Because of its professional-grade build quality and design, users can expect a long operational lifespan.

One of the most important features of the Seventy Series display family is its built-in image processing system. This allows multi-input display walls to be built without an external display wall processor. The range of optional input boards – which can be changed between the cube and LCD products - provide DVI, VGA, composite and component video, and SDI inputs. All video cards offer two inputs per card and can generate two windows, while the SDI card, which covers SD/HD/3G-SDI, can be used to make a single input daisy-chain. A total of six source windows can be shown on each display. Sources can also be supplied to all displays, either by using a splitter/switcher or the optional three input daisy-chain card. In this way, larger windows, such as network diagrams, can be displayed over the entire wall or arranged in many smaller windows as required.

For more complicated installations, the L46XM can be used with Seventy Series cubes, Mitsubishi’s VC-X3000 processor and D-Wall software suite to create a powerful display system. Using the full system means that nearly all aspects of the display can be managed directly through software. For example, signal routing, input switching, layout control and display performance. For less complicated projects, D-Wall software can control the L46XM display wall directly, so that the internal processing and routing features can be used to their full potential.

Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series product family, which includes the new 46-inch LCD monitor, is designed around the central concepts of high-quality, built-in intelligence and versatility. The whole range, which will include a soon-to-be-announced LED-powered cube engine, will be on show at ISE 2010, RAI Amsterdam, 2-4 February.

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