Japanese business culture – games, Hello Kitty and love hotels!

Tid 25 Maj 2012 14:00 – 16:00

Plats Mobile Heights Business Center, Ideon Science Park, Scheelevägen 15, Lund.

Asian business relations - a highly relevant topic in south of Sweden and the mobile business! Welcome to an entertaining and educational seminar primarily about japanese culture and the business opportunities it offers. May 25th 14-16 at Mobile Heights Business Center, Ideon Agora building in Lund. In a world where Asia and it’s business traditions, new as well as old, are taking over, most of us are poorly equipped to meet Asian business culture. Michael Stenmark offers a sneek peek into a world in which he has lived and travelled in business for years. It’s about Hello Kitty-airplanes, games, odd skyscrapers, why Japanese people marry in the Hello Kitty-world, how and why you make a cash dispenser fun and friendly. And what's the deal with all those love hotels? Character business is worth160 billion dollars a year, and still it’s almost unknown as a genre to us. It’s an amazing, sizzling world created by business men and artists who make huge, multinational profit. After having travelled to Japan for 15 years, and having lived in Beijing during the early years of the expansive gaming industry, Michael Stenmark has personal experiences and stories to share. His theory on why it’s natural that the gaming industry has grown in Japan and how it’s different from equivalent industries in Europe and USA, focuses on giving the end customer what she wants: "It’s about their deep understanding of soft values, a solid belief in quality and in building long term relations to the end customer, based on heart and emotion." Could we learn something here? Michael Stenmark is a children's books author and illustrator, concept developer, storyteller and fundraiser. After more than 26 years in the gaming industry, he can look back at the pioneering years when the gaming industry was born and shaped, and the long journey to today’s family oriented home entertaining consoles and global online games. He got 4,3 miljon users in more than140 countries of the online game ”Spine World”, he created TV4’s children's game Loophole, classical games sold in more than 50 countries, toys and DVD-movies sold all over the world. His latest product is the e-book about the Angry Cat, climbing the charts in various countries and languages. Michael Stenmark is an active speaker. His seminars and audience varies from students at game- and design schools in Sweden, China and USA, to design conferences in Reykjavik, SIME in Stockholm, IT fairs in Tokyo and management teams from Honda, Sony, ADK, Nintendo... Now it's time to introduce him to Mobile Heights Business Center & friends. We hope to see you there! Welcome! Register at /mhbc.se/events/michael-stenmark/


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