Unique New App Connects Second Hand Fashion Across the Borders of Scandinavia 

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Unique New App Connects Second Hand Fashion Across the Borders of Scandinavia 

The release of the Seconds to Sell app for the Iphone, Ipad and Android market has created a cross-border bridge for the open trading and bargaining of second hand fashion between users in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Seconds to Sell is the app-based community for the buying, selling and swapping of second hand fashion between users in Scandinavia. It is a community for fashion-items-only, that picks up on the current hype surrounding second hand and vintage fashion in Scandinavia as seen in blogs, department stores and niched boutiques. Seconds to Sell expands the market across the borders of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
The community’s fashion-items-only niche avoids the sifting thru of snow tires and dishwashers of other peer to peer marketplaces. The fact that established retail shops are opening second hand departments and that there is a current vintage hype amongst Scandinavian fashion bloggers, has shown a need for a consolidated, niched and cross border forum.

 With no need for a computer or an external camera and all updating happening via push notifications, this app is a versatile utility for any on-the-go lifestyle. The ability to browse distinctly Danish second hand fashion from a subway in Stockholm while out-bidding a Norwegian on an item from Oslo is what has their already 1700 users working on their diplomatic skills. Not to mention, figuring out if their Nordic neighbors have a custom for haggling..

Available at the App store and Android marketplace.


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Modegruppencom AB was founded in 2010 with the express purpose of finding and expanding ways of creating a more consolidated Scandinavian fashion market. It was founded in Göteborg, Sweden with offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm.


Sören du Hoffmann

Sören du Hoffmann

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