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Datacol srl - Ny distributör av Modul-Systems produkter i Italien

Datacol is well represented throughout Italy and can supply products to any location within a short period of time. This long term cooperation is important and interesting due to many factors, first of all a high maturity and acceptance of racking systems inside the normal Italian service van, the size of the market and also the importance of being close to the important car manufacturers in Italy.

Modul-System has received a very strong and positive feedback from the Italian end customers with the new range of products that was introduced during 2010 and during April 2011, Modul-System will also launch its brand new assortment of extendable units that is another critical success factor for being able to serve the Italian end customer.

A massive Italian market support is now available for the Italian end customers with all catalogues and marketing materials available in Italian. Three dimensional drawings and quotations are ready to be distributed in Italian.

For more information on the above, please contact:

Matteo Cavallaro, Product Manager, Datacol srl, m.cavallaro@datacol.com, +39 45 617 38 88

Henrik Persson, Sales Director, Modul-System HH AB, Henrik.persson@modul-system.com , +46 705 46 87 08”

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