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Rule changes for Kenya and Ireland

We are announcing two interesting changes, including Kenya's top level domain .KE and Ireland's top level domain .IE. Two changes that facilitate the possibilities for good domain names in these countries.

Kenya opens up .KE
The registry for the top level domain in Kenya has now changed the rules. Starting January 19, it is now free to register domain names directly under .KE - previously it has only been possible under the subdomain .CO.KE - now there are a lot of good .KE domains available!

Easier rules for .IE
The Irish registry has decided to terminate one of the requirements regarding registration of domain names under the .IE top level domain. As of March 2018, you no longer need to indicate why you want to apply for a specific domain. This will simplify the process of registering .IE domains. However, the requirement remains that you need to exhibit some form of trade or other connection to Ireland.


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