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Singapore opens up .sg

Singapore will start registering domain names directly under .sg where earlier only.com.sg-registrations were allowed. You will still need a local contact in Singapore but if you don´t have this, NameISp will provide you with one.

All of you who already have a domain name registered under .com.sg (before sept. 6-2004) may be able to register the same name directly under .sg. To do this the new application (.sg) must have the same contact information as in the .com.sg-domain. The third-level domain (.com.sg) name must also continue to exist until 12.00 noon on 3 January 2005. There might be exceptions from the above, taken by the registry.

There will be a "slow start" with 4 phases before it opens up for the public.

- Sunrise Period (12:00 noon on 15 Sep 2004 to12:00 noon on 1 Nov 2004)
Those with trademarks registered may apply for .sg

- Post-Sunrise Period (12:00 noon on 1 Nov 2004 to 12:00 noon on 20 Dec 2004)
If there are two or more applications for the same domain name, a bidding process may be required here.

- Allocation Results (5:00 pm on 20 Dec 2004)
Announcement of registration results.

- Objection Period (12 noon on 21 Dec 2004 to 12 noon on 2 Jan 2005)
Acceptance of objection to decisions above.

- General Launch (From 12:00 noon on 3 Jan 2005)
Acceptance of applications from public on first-come-first-served basis. If you do not have a local contact in Singapore, NameISP can provide you with one.

All time stamps above are in Singapore time. Please see http://www.timezoneconverter.com for your local time.

You are welcome to contact NameISP for further information.


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