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First North: Correction of exchange notice 89/08: Information regarding trading excluding dividend etc. (93/08)

The correction refers to changes in the ISIN code.

As from May 23rd, 2008, Swedol AB shares will be traded excluding the right to dividend.

Company name: Swedol AB
Cash dividend (terms): 0,65 SEK per share
Other dividend (terms): -
Short name: SWOL B
ISIN code: SE0001733841
Orderbook ID: 34925
Ex-day: May 23rd
Record date at VPC: May 27th
Certified Adviser: Remium AB
Contact person: Henrik Acklén, +46 8 454 32 11

This information is distributed by the certified adviser, Remium AB.
For further information please call Henrik Acklén at +46 8 454 32 11.




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