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First North: New share for trading, Generic Sweden AB (241/08)

At the request of Remium AB, shares in Generic Sweden AB will be traded on First North as from November 17, 2008.

Short name: GENI
Number of shares: 6 828 900
ISIN code: SE0001790791
Round lot: 1
Orderbook ID: 60626
Order book ID OTC: 60627
ADT Value in SEK: 4 000 000
Submarket: First North

GICS Classification
Sub Industry code Sub Industry
45102010 IT Consulting & Other Services

Index code Index name
45 Information Technology
4510 Software & Services
451020 IT Services

This information is distributed at the request of the Certified Adviser, Remium AB.
For further information, please call Henrik Acklén on +46 8 454 32 00.



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