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Completely New Drink Will Give Gamers Focus Without Crashes

NAU Snse™ is here – the drink that’ll optimize you whilst gaming!

Swedish NAU Drinks will, during October month, launch a completely new drink designed for gamers. The company was established 2017 with the goal to launch products intended for the fast growing esports market. For too long, esports enthusiasts have only had access to products envisioned for other physically intensive activities and sports. For this reason, NAU Snse™ was created – the first cognitive performance drink, meant for gamers.

NAU’s first product, Snse™, contains active ingredients such as lemon balm, L-theanine, cognivia (combination of Spanish and garden sage), and a vitamin- & mineral boost for reduced fatigue. The recipe is designed to enhance your focus by making you calm in body & sharp in mind.

Together with researchers, the company decided to exclude any ingredients that risks giving the user energy- & concentration crashes when the effect wears off. For that reason, Snse™ is free from caffeine and caffeine crashes. The drink will launch in one flavor, Lemon Balm & Elderflower.

“We fill the space that exists in the market by offering a drink that competes with energy drinks that exists today. Besides giving a gamer unnecessary energy, we are offering mental focus and stamina.”

Linus Olsson, CEO of NAU Drinks

Currently, NAU is having a prelaunch campaign up and running for anybody that wants to be the first to try NAU Snse™ for free. By registering and inviting friends anybody has the chance to win an entire year worth of Snse™.

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NAU is a Sweden based food & beverage company that crafts products designed for gamers. The company was founded 2017.

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