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NEC to Exhibit at CES 2012

Tokyo & London, December 21, 2011 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today its participation in the “2012 International CES” (CES, *1), the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, from January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas.

CES is sponsored by America’s Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and draws global attention each year for the new commercial products and prototypes that are introduced by companies spanning every business field, including network devices, consumer electronics and digital products.

NEC will exhibit a “New Value Experience” this year featuring solutions that capitalize on the company’s Android(TM) based 7-inch LCD terminal, Cloud Communicator “LT-B,” and dual 7-inch LCD screen terminal, Cloud Communicator “LT-W.”

The NEC Group products and solutions featured at CES South Hall 4, Booth 36259 include:

·Telepresence system with “PaPeRo,” (*2) NEC’s communications robot, and LT-B that demonstrate next generation communications (reference exhibit)

·Controller for Managed Home Service: Home Service Enabler (HSE) with LT-B (reference exhibit)

·“RingReef” (*3) real-time group messaging application from NEC BIGLOBE that allows iPhone and Android device users to communicate with select groups of family and friends (reference exhibit)

·“Sugoi Books” (*4) digital bookstore Android app from NEC BIGLOBE (reference exhibit)

·NEC’s “Cradle Phone” (provisional title), a new communications resource that provides high-quality audio and an exceptionally user-friendly interface by docking LT-B with a fixed-line telephone

·Long distance communication support software that smoothly enables real-time document sharing and communications between distant users with the “ConforMeeting/c System” (*5), LT-B, LT-W and smartphones (reference exhibit)

·Video conferencing system and LT-W demonstrating new approaches to business (reference exhibit)

·Thin client demonstration of Android based terminals for business use and NEC’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure System (reference exhibit)

·LT-W and LT-B office software demonstrations

NEC Group divisions and companies contributing to CES include:

The NEC Cloud Device Division, the NEC Platform Marketing Strategy Division, the UNIVERGE Support Center of the NEC Business Solution Division, NEC Access Technica, NEC BIGLOBE, NEC Casio Mobile Communications

Looking forward, the NEC Group aims to expand business throughout the world by continuing to strengthen its lineup of innovative products and services, including its LT Series and smartphones.



*1) 2012 International CES (

*2) PaPeRo (

*3) RingReef (

*4) Sugoi Books (

*5) ConforMeeting/c: Long distance communication support software from NEC that enables documents to be shared between users quickly and easily.


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