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NetClean finns nu även på den Holländska marknaden

Unique software provides child pornography protection

CRYPSYS Data Security is launching NetClean software to prevent the spread of child pornography in the workplace.

Amsterdam, 16 May 2008 - CRYPSYS Data Security, distributor of security solutions in the Benelux countries, is introducing NetClean, a unique software that forestalls the growing threat of child pornography in the workplace. NetClean prevents the downloading, processing and distribution of child pornography via the web, peer-to-peer, network and e-mail connections, but workstations, removable media and external drives are also monitored. From now on, Dutch companies will have an effective instrument at their disposal to combat the spread of child pornography via company computers.

The international impact of child pornography is increasing exponentially in an alarming way as the Internet becomes more accessible to the general public. The following worrying figures illustrate the scale of the problem:

§ The volume of child pornography has increased by 500% since 2001 (source: ECPAT). § The Dutch Child Porn Reporting Centre received 7,427 complaints in 2007.§ There are around 100,000 Internet pages with child pornography (source: Interpol)§ The child pornography business is now worth 3 billion USD a year (source: Interpol). § Most searches take place between 8:00h and 9:00h in the morning (source: Kripos)

Social awareness

Organisations and companies can no longer deny or ignore this threat. Their infrastructure can be used illegally in order to distribute illegal and immoral images. Each time images of this kind are called up, a new offence is committed.

Marnix Van Meer, product & marketing director at CRYPSYS Data Security: "Socially aware companies must make the ethical decision to act and cooperate constructively in the fight against child abuse and child pornography. It is not merely a question of protecting your own organisation and staff. It is much more than that, it means taking a stand in the fight against the spread of child pornography images via the Internet and your own company network. And these ethical standards and values are becoming increasingly important for customers, personnel, relations and suppliers"

Reliable tool

The damage that child pornography inflicts on the lives of innocent children is devastating. Classic security systems have not been able to prevent the distribution of this material up to now; in the best case scenario, they block the access of the network to certain web addresses. However, the images themselves remain in circulation via closed and often coded networks, or are copied via all kinds of storage media or company computers. It appears that employees also use the networks of organisations in order to distribute the images illegally via e-mail. The only way to prevent this effectively is by detecting the image material itself on the e-mail gateway before it is received and/or sent.

NetClean detects the image or video on the basis of fingerprints via international classifications and cooperates throughout the world with police, justice systems, child pornography reporting centres and NGOs. NetClean detects the material on the workstation or server, irrespective of its origin or source location. It is an ideal addition to gateway e-mail or web filters, which are not able to distinguish between pornography and child pornography.

Once installed, NetClean goes into the system or network in search of illegal image material and prevents child pornography from being received, sent, stored or viewed. Each infringement is reported to pre-appointed persons via e-mail or SMS so that they can take the necessary disciplinary or legal action. This solution is a necessary addition to URL filters, has no false positives and works irrespective of the source of the material.

NetClean ProActive is centrally managed software that protects the entire network from child pornography and consists of four parts:

§ NetClean Management Console: for the rollout of agents, distribution of updates and receipt of incident reports on suspect material, following which the manager is informed via e-mail or SMS.§ NetClean ProActive Desktop Agent: for installation on workstations and servers and scans on the fly image material, regardless of data carrier and with minimum impact on performance. The NetClean agent can be installed so that it is visible or invisible.§ NetClean ProActive Network Agent: prevents child pornography from entering the network, irrespective of the Internet source, unlike URL filters. This agent supports Microsoft ISA servers and proxy servers with ICAP support.§ NetClean ProActive Mail Agent: runs on the e-mail server and checks all incoming and outgoing e-mails for the presence of image material in attachments.

NetClean Technologies

NetClean is a product of the Swedish company, NetClean Technologies. CRYPSYS Data Security is the exclusive distributor in the Benelux countries of this tool, which combines socially responsible action with sound business principles. With NetClean, companies are able to demonstrate that they are fighting child pornography and are committed to sustainable development. The company is not only protecting its systems against abuse with illegal ends, but is also actively protecting innocent children.

NetClean also cooperates with police services and child protection organisations throughout the world in order to update its products continuously and develop new applications for the protection of children on the Internet and beyond. The company started up in Sweden in 2003. Today, if offers a range of products for combating child pornography in the public sector, the corporate sector and the private sector. As a result of growing demand, NetClean has decided to extend its activities to the European market, starting with Switzerland, Denmark and now the Benelux countries.

Crypsys Data Security

CRYPSYS Data Security B.V. specialises in the field of information protection. The product range consists of software and hardware solutions or a combination of the two. The most important products distributed by CRYPSYS Data Security include: Sophos (endpoint, e-mail/web security & NAC Network Access Control), Marshal (content security for e-mail and web), Lumension (device & application control), TripWire (configuration control) and NetClean (protection against child pornography). The company believes in a holistic approach to the information protection problem based on organisation, discipline and products. Therefore, in addition to the various products, CRYPSYS Data Security also offers an expert service and consultancy organisation with services in the information protection sector. More details concerning protection solutions, products and services can be found on the website

If you would like more information regarding Crypsys, please contact:

CRYPSYS Data Security



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Tel: +31 655700255

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Facts and figures about NetClean:

§ NetClean is a program that is installed on networks of companies, organisations or authorities to protect against illegal images. After the installation of the protection, nobody can view or download illegal images without it being detected by the software.

§ The way the product works is comparable with that of an anti-virus program. Illegal images from police databases are converted into unique digital codes. The software detects such codes with the aid of automatic image recognition technology.

§ The software detects images opened on a web page, received via e-mail or downloaded from a CD or USB memory stick. It notices even if someone outside the company tries to use the company servers to host illegal images or if people receive spam with illegal images.

§ If an illegal image is detected, the appointed officer within the company, e.g. HRM, CIO or the head of security receives a report immediately. Reports are not sent automatically to the police, to NetClean or CRYPSYS Data Security.

§ NetClean is updated regularly, just like anti-virus software.

§ The most crucial function of the protection is that it makes everyone aware of the fact that any attempt to view or download illegal images will be detected. This has a preventive effect.


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