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Zigzags Nursery Takes a Stand to Combat Child Sexual Abuse Images as Industry Stands Still

First UK nursery installs NetClean ProActive to protect children and staff from the threat of child sexual abuse images distributed on the internet

11th  May, London: NetClean Technologies today announces that Zigzags Nursery, which looks after 74 children between 0-11years within the West Midlands, has deployed its software to protect children and staff from the threat of child sexual abuse images being circulated over the web and removable media.

The deal will see Zigzags Nursery install NetClean ProActive on all computers within the nursery settings as well as the personal computers of each staff member and student trainee. The nursery will also implement a set of guidelines and policies, which it hopes will be the basis of new guidelines across the UK to provide better protection for children in nurseries.

- Current CRB checks are not enough to prevent child sexual abuse in nurseries and we need to do more to help nurseries deploy solid policies and technologies that mean these checks aren’t solely relied upon. We felt it was important to take a stand as a nursery on this issue and hope it empowers other nurseries to do the same, Will Markham, Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager at Zigzags Nursery says.

- We chose the NetClean software as we felt it was the best solution to effectively block all child sexual abuse content and detect offenders that intentionally click on illegal images. We found this to be infinitely more valuable than a traditional web filter, which only tracks websites containing illegal images. The solution also acts in a non-intrusive way until it is triggered, so has no impact on employee productivity.

The move to install NetClean software is part of a wider programme of security measures already in place at Zigzags Nursery, including the prohibition of mobile phones and electronic devices, which can be used to secretly take pictures of children.

- The move by Zigzags Nursery is a pivotal step in creating greater awareness about child sexual abuse images, which are an ever increasing problem as abusers continue to go undetected across the UK. We are seeing more and more high profile cases of people viewing such content whilst they are employed in a position of trust within the child care industry, therefore we need to act now to eliminate the existence of these images and stop the perpetrators, Christian Sjoberg, CEO, NetClean Technologies says.

Since successfully installing NetClean ProActive, Zigzag Nursery has begun a nationwide campaign to demand better child protection measures throughout all nurseries in the UK.  By lobbying this cause to government bodies, including Ofsted and the LEA, Zigzags Nursery aims to create a benchmark for all nurseries to dramatically reduce the danger of sexual abuse which children are facing every day.


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About NetClean Technologies
NetClean Technologies is a Swedish based company that develops technical solutions to support every aspect of the protection of children on the Internet. NetClean has extensive experience in this area and develops its products in cooperation with police authorities around the world. NetClean works closely with several non-profit organisations, for example the World Childhood Foundation, ECPAT and Internet Watch Foundation. The deployment of a NetClean product is not only a way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility, it is a very real and positive way of helping to protect children around the world.