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Webinar: optimize your webshop for Nordic consumers

Webinar: optimize your webshop for Nordic consumers

Tid 12 Februari 2019 10:00 – 11:00

Plats Kostnadsfritt webinar: delta via din dator eller telefon

If you are selling online in the Nordics there is a lot to win by getting a solid knowledge on consumer behaviour in the different countries.

This webinar on Nordic e-commerce provides you with knowledge for selling to the Nordic region. Local experts guide you though how to adapt to local shopping behaviour and consumer preferences that can make all the difference for being perceived trustworthy when selling online.

The webinar builds upon insights from Nordic E-commerce 2018- a report based on 7000 consumer interviews and data from thousands of webshops i the Nordic region.

Get to know the Nordic online consumers

Understanding your customers is necessary for tailoring your offerings - and there are important differences when comparing consumers in the Nordic region.

This webinar gives you facts, tips and advices on:

  • Market size and growth
  • Online consumers in each country - what is significant for different age segments and family situations - and in what ways are the Nordic neighbours alike?
  • The most important reasons for shopping online and why consumers cancel purchases
  • Online payments - favorites and must haves in the different countries



Patrik Müller

Patrik Müller

Presskontakt E-handelsexpert, Nets +46 709 370 420 Följ Patrik på LinkedIn
Søren Winge

Søren Winge

Presskontakt Head of Press Relations, Nets Norden +45 29 48 26 46
Peter Glüsing Pedersen

Peter Glüsing Pedersen

Presskontakt Head of Media Relations, Nordics Norden +45 29 48 26 46

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