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We convert nonwovens
We convert nonwovens

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One of our main strengths is our modern conversion machines. It enables us to slit, fold, rewind, sheet and package our large range of nonwovens. For example, we can completely adjust the formats so that the nonwovens can be fed straight into your production lines.


We have the capacity to buy large volumes of nonwoven on large rolls and then convert it into smaller, more manageable rolls. For example, we rewind nonwoven for the construction industry into rolls that can be handled by builders or consumers.

> On the website you can read more about what dimensions we can rewind.


For nonwovens that need to be very wide, such as geotextile and cover fabric for cultivation, we can fold the material when rolling it over. It also offers great advantages in terms of shipping and logistics if the width of the roll is no larger than 2 meters.

> Read more about what dimensions we can fold on the website.

Sheet making

We make nonwoven sheets in sizes that can be fed straight into your production line or into sheets that we then package for you for direct use or sale. We have two different machines for cutting nonwoven into sheet, which means that we can handle both very thin nonwovens and thick nonwovens. We are also able to sheet sticky nonwovens - i.e. nonwovens that have been coated with some type of adhesive.

> Read more about the types of nonwovens and dimensions we can sheet on the website.


We can also slit nonwoven rolls into sizes that fits directly in your production lines. Since last autumn, we have new machines in place that allow us to handle very precise measurements with small tolerances.

> Read more on the website about which widths we can slit


We often pack nonwoven for our customers. We can pack in plastic bags (sheets), plastic wrap (rolls) or boxes. We also offer special solutions - for example, we offer wipes in finished plastic jars. We can also print and / or put labels on the packages or include instructions

> Read more on the website

If you wish to order nonwoven samples, feel free to do so on our website or contact us at

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Johan Georgson

Johan Georgson

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A world of nonwoven industry textiles

At Scandinavian Nonwoven, we have a long history of working with and offering amazing nonwoven materials to our many customers in the manufacturing industry in northern Europe.
We offer Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwoven materials, and in many cases help our customers develop customized materials suited to their specific needs.

The company was founded in 1982 by two Swedes who by then had already been working with nonwoven for 20 years. They recognized the opportunities that this amazing material has to offer and wanted to help customers seize these opportunities. In-depth knowledge about the material and a close relationship with our customers have been important to us right from the start.

Since then, many industries have realized the advantages offered by the amazing flexible nonwoven.

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