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Problem solving with nonwoven
Problem solving with nonwoven

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Three odd problems we have solved with nonwoven

We often develop new nonwoven materials for our customers. Sometimes we get quite tricky problems to solve. Here are some of the challenges we have solved for our customers.

1. “Another company has an excellent but expensive product. Help us develop the same solution cheaper.”

A customer in the construction industry wanted to develop a similar solution that already existed on the market but at a lower price. We tested the product and developed a counterpart with the same properties but at a significantly lower price.

Many tests were required, but the product was finally developed and our customer received a strong competitive product at a good price.

2. "We want a nonwoven that can handle EVERYTHING"

We have recently developed a product for a wholesaler in the construction industry. They wanted a nonwoven that would outperform any other competing product on the market when renovating walls. They wanted to solve a common renovation problem that no one else could solve.

We tested several solutions and went through our large network of nonwoven providers in search for a material that would meet the challenge. Now we have found a solution that will probably be launched within a year.

3. “We have a product that is very complicated to manufacture. We want to make it easier”

A customer was looking for aluminum-coated mouldable fiberglass. It was not on the market so it took them three different suppliers to produce the product themselves.

We received a requirements specification and developed a manufacturing process that both facilitated the actual production and did everything in one place. The customer got their product both faster and cheaper.

We have extensive experience of solving various production challenges with nonwoven. There are few projects we have not managed to solve over the years. If we do not have the product or the manufacturing method, we will develop it or find someone who can do it for us.

We offer Scandinavia's largest range of nonwovens and in many cases we help our customers to develop tailormade materials adapted to their specific needs. Read more or order nonwoven samples on our website.

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Johan Georgson

Johan Georgson

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A world of nonwoven industry textiles

At Scandinavian Nonwoven, we have a long history of working with and offering amazing nonwoven materials to our many customers in the manufacturing industry in northern Europe.
We offer Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwoven materials, and in many cases help our customers develop customized materials suited to their specific needs.

The company was founded in 1982 by two Swedes who by then had already been working with nonwoven for 20 years. They recognized the opportunities that this amazing material has to offer and wanted to help customers seize these opportunities. In-depth knowledge about the material and a close relationship with our customers have been important to us right from the start.

Since then, many industries have realized the advantages offered by the amazing flexible nonwoven.

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